EV Ramaswami, a venom spewing character who abused both Brahmins and the Dalits, even exhorted that Brahmins should be enmass murdered, claimed the prices of clothes are increasing because Dalit women have started wearing blouses, used to pick any woman he liked for satisfying his lust and even married a woman he called his adopted daughter is unfortunately being hailed as a champion of women’s rights, Dalit rights and so-called rationalist by the leftist-Christian missionary cabal.

EVR A Philanderer Masquerading As Champion Of Women’s Rights

EVR’s own biographer, Chidambaram called him a philanderer and unruly person and said he used to visit strip clubs while abroad in his foreign trips to say the least. The biographer wrote,

“As an young adult, Periyar spent a lot of his time with prostitutes. This continued even after his marriage to Nagammai Ammaiyar. He and his friends spent a lot of their evening and nights by the banks of the river Cauvery with a group of prostitutes. He also had ordered Nagammai to prepare food for the whole group and have it sent to the party.” 

Quote By Sami Chidambaram, EV Ramaswami’s Biographer

Thus, EVR who abused his own wife’s rights as a woman and countless other women for his lust is being ironically touted as a champion of human rights by so-called feminists, read anti-Hindus, of India.

This cabal walking on the footsteps of their hero EVR, who is called ‘Periyar’ (the most respected one) by the anarchists and Christian evangelists as he was the biggest bigoted anti-Hindu who delivered many misled Hindu souls to be reaped by the Jesus soul reapers. EVR touted as a rationalist, was no true rationalist but an agent of the Christian missionaries and Islam.

As despite his claims in 1937, that he had no belief in any of the organised faiths, EVR kept exhorting Tamil Hindus to shun Hinduism and convert to Christianity or Islam. In 1943, he wrote, “Every Tamil with self-respect should shun Hinduism and convert to Islam or some other religion.” In 1948, he wrote, “Christianity and Islam portray their god as one of virtues and those are the gods we need.” In 1959, he wrote, “I do not ask you to shun god. I ask you to shun polytheism like Christians and Muslims have.”  So, it is clear that EVR was highly bigoted against Hinduism.

EVR’s own personality matched with the character of founder of Islam, as far as women were concerned and his methods similar to that of the Islamist jihadis who force their belief on non-Muslims.

EVR’s Hatred For Brahmins

EVR exhorted people to commit genocide of Brahmins with statements like,

“If you encounter a snake and a Brahmin, kill the Brahmin first.”

“Only if the Brahmins are destroyed will castes be destroyed. They are snakes coiled around our feet and they will not hesitate to bite. We should not hesitate to destroy them.”

About the Great Poet Freedom Fighter Subramania Bharati, he said,

“They say he(Bharathi) is an immortal poet. Even if a rat dies in agraharam (the part of town for Brahmins), they will glorify it. Why should this man be glorified? Because he sang in Tamil and about Tamil Nadu? What else could he sing about. His mother tongue Sanskrit has been dead for years. He calls Tamil Nadu the land of Aryans.” 

Notably, Aryan or Arya in Sanskrit means the civilized gentry, this has been distorted to mean as some invaders from Central Asia, by a bogus Aryan Invasion Theory perpetuated by the westerners to promote a theory that North Indians are Aryan aliens who imposed Hinduism on the native South Indian Dravidians with a view to divide Hindus along caste and regional lines to convert them to Christianity and weaken their unity against the imperial Christian colonizers.

Petition In High Court To Remove From Textbook Fraudulent Claim Of UNESCO Bestowing EVR Title, “Socrates Of Southeast Asia”

The Commune Magazine reported on Wednesday, that a petition has been filed in the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court to expunge from school textbooks in Tamil Nadu text material claiming E.V. Ramasamy Naicker was bestowed by the UNESCO the title, ‘Socrates of Southeast Asia’, which never happened.

The High Court has reportedly directed the committees in charge of preparing textbooks for schools and colleges to review and take action within 12 weeks.

The said petition was filed by an advocate named Muhammad Razvi. The petition stated the Class 9 textbooks published by Tamil Nadu government and a few college textbooks, it is wrongly claimed that EVR was awarded the title of “Socrates of Southeast Asia” by UNESCO which is completely false. The petition also pointed out the pertinent fact that, India does not come in the list of Southeast Asian countries.

The petition stated that this title was actually conferred on EVR by another bigoted anti-Hindu former Chief Minister Karunanidhi in 1970 and further added that this misinformation was deliberately spread among school and college students for political gains under the garb of “history” during DMK regime under the leadership of Karunanidhi.

The petition stated, “The Government of Tamil Nadu should intervene and remove the historical error in the textbook to ensure that students are not misled. Therefore, it should be ordered to remove the misinformation about Periyar (EVR) in the ninth standard textbook and the higher education textbook.”

The petition further stated that in Tamil Nadu, the Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) and its affiliates continue to spew venom against Hinduism and make indecent and derogatory statements on Hindu deities.

The petition averred, “They are working to create separatism, caste and religious conflicts in the country and to harm the national interest. Failure to take action against them will have a major impact on the country and the unity that exists in the country.”

The Commune reported that the petition came up for hearing before the bench of Justices MM Sundaresh and S Anandi and Advocate K. Neelamekam argued on behalf of the petitioner. The judges after due consideration of the petition directed the committees in-charge of preparing the textbooks to take appropriate action within 12 weeks.

Controversy Of Fake Claim Of EVR Conferred UNESCO Title

The Commune reports that the issue was first brought to light by a person named Jagannath Srinivasan in May 2019 when he wrote in his Facebook post that the claim of EVR being awarded the title of ‘Socrates of Southeast Asia’ by the UNESCO was a sham. He flagged the false information given in E.V. Ramasamy Naicker’s Wikipedia page following which the information was removed from the free online encyclopedia. This irked the Dravida Kazhagam and its bigoted and foul mouthed President K. Veeramani who in a publication named, Viduthalai spewed venom against Jagannath Srinivasan by making casteist and base remarks.

Dalit activist and BJP leader Tada Periyasami’s son, Prabhakaran then filed an RTI application with the Tamil Nadu Information Commission seeking information whether the claim of EVR being bestowed tile by ‘UNESCO’ as mentioned in Tamil Nadu State Board school textbooks was true as reported by Commune. The Commission then replied stating that a private organization with no connection to the United Nations, but with a similar name as the UNESCO had given the title. In reality the award was reportedly sponsored by Tamil Nadu UNESCO Mandram (no way related to the United Nations), and awarded by late former DMK leader M. Karunanidhi in the presence of Dravida Kazhagam President K. Veeramani.

This fraud gained public prominence after Maridhas, an independent YouTuber exposed in his video about the sham. He stated that he received an email from UNESCO’s Delhi office confirming that no award or title was ever conferred on E.V. Ramasamy Naicker by the UNESCO.

Pertinently, this blatant and brazen lie has been repeated time and again for the past 40 years in several articles and research papers on EVR. The media and the so-called intellectuals instead of correcting the untruth, peddled the lies again and again till it is considered as a legendary fact in the psyche of the larger public.

Last, but not the least, EVR is certainly not the pride of any self-respecting Tamilian as EVR was not even a Tamilian, he was born into a Kannada speaking family and he conversed mostly in Telugu at home. He in fact hated Tamil and wanted it to be replaced by alien English, perhaps to hasten conversions to Christianity.

EVR A False Tamil Pride, EVR’s Hatred For Tamil

So much for Tamil pride and love for Tamil language, here are some quotes of EVR on his hatred and venom for the classical ancient Tamil language, from his jaundiced gems like, ‘Tamil is the language of Barbarians’

“Tamil is the language of barbarians.”

“English is better than Tamil in all respects. One who knows English becomes a rationalist. One who learns Tamil gets bogged down by orthodoxy.”

“What will you lose by rejecting Tamil? What is it useful for?”

“Tamil is a nuisance and all Tamil poets are enemies of rationalism.”

“Tholkappiyan was sold-out to Aryans. He is a traitor who simply wrote Aryan dharma as Tamil grammar”

“Thiruvalluvan wrote Aryan nonsense that suited those times. He let go off rationalism and made some emotional rants.”

“Kamban is a traitor. He considered himself a Brahmin and portrayed Brahmin traditions as Tamil cultures.”

“I suggest to get rid of all Tamil letters which belong to time of Barbarians and use the English alphabets to reform Tamil.”

“I urge everyone to converse at home in English. Shun Tamil and converse in English with your wife, children and even, the servants. Only English will reform you.”

Quotes Of EV Ramaswami, the false Tamil “Periyar” on rich classical ancient Tamil language

This effort by the nationalist advocate, Muhammad Razvi who petitioned the High Court should be appreciated as it is a brave step towards demolishing the false God “Periyar” of the Godless atheists. Or are they truly atheists, may be not as we found that EVR was a bigoted anti-Hindu who urged Hindus to embrace dogmatic Abrahamic faiths for the political advantage of his western masters. Thus, he emphasised and urged Tamilians to shun their rich classical ancient language and literature for an alien non-scientific English language.

Time we revise the distorted history by leftist distorians in our school textbooks and college curriculums as also start a public discourse on the false Periyars of Tamil Nadu and give due weightage to the true Periyar, the great poet and reformist freedom fighter, Subramania Bharatiyar of Tamil Nadu.

News Inputs: https://thecommunemag.com/petition-filed-in-court-to-remove-false-information-in-school-textbooks-about-periyar-getting-title-from-unesco/#.YCPienvMJdo.twitter

Acknowledgement: The ninety-four shades of E.V. Ramasamy “Periyar” Naidu (ilavaluthy.blogspot.com)

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