On the 12th of August, an unfortunate incident took place in the streets of Twitter. In broad daylight around 2:30 pm, the brain cells of Dhruv Rathee were brutally murdered after he called Lal Singh Chaddha better than Forrest Gump. Netizens tried their best to save his brain cells but sadly it was too late. Widespread protests were held on the streets of Twitter asking Parag Aggarwal to order a high-level inquiry to probe the murder case. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, Parag chooses the most bad-ass guy in the field of crime investigation. Yup, it’s none other than ACP Pradyuman.

ACP Pradyuman along with his team Abhijeet and Daya went up to look into the matter and guess what each one of them had their fingers pointed out at different suspects. While Daya Indian education system for the murder, Abhijeet went up to blame Germany and the self-loathing tendency of Dhruv Rathee. But ACP Pradyuman, the most intelligent guy pointed out the suspect to which everyone had to agree. He pointed out his magical fingers at the “Kejru Effect”. He blamed Arvind Kejriwal for the murder of Dhruv’s brain cells. Later the CID team successfully managed to make the notorious criminal “Kejru effect” confess to the crime he committed. It must be noted that the “Kejru effect” was already in the police record books of criminals. Kejru Effect is famously known for murdering the brain cells of humans and for laughing at the pain of Kashmiri Pandits. ACP Pradyuman also advised Dhruv Rathee to leave the company of Arvind Kejriwal because it’s too late and his brain cells are already dead.

Note: By reading the piece you must have figured out that this article is meant only for laughter, if not distance yourself from “Kejru effect”.

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