The depth of colonial hangover can be easily imagined by looking at the incident where the DM of Lakhisarai lashed out at headmaster of primary school and also ordered his suspension and salary cut only because he was wearing Kurta Pajama.

A video is all over the social media where a DM is seen lashing out at the headmaster for wearing Kurta Pajama. In the viral video, DM Sanjay Kumar Singh of Bihar’s Lakhisarai district is seen scolding the headmaster of Girls Primary School Balgudar badly for wearing a kurta pajama. In the video, the DM can be heard questioning the teacher’s attire and saying: “Do you look like a teacher? You look like people’s representative.”

The DM scolded the headmaster for his attire when he arrived at the school since it did not impress him. A local news channel’s video shows the headmaster, Nirbhay Kumar Singh, dressed in a white kurta pyjama. DM Singh also had issues with the way the school was run. In the footage, he can be seen immediately calling the education officer to request the headmaster’s suspension. He gave the school’s headmaster a show-cause notice and also ordered a salary cut.

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