No doubt about it. NATO and US Hegemony are entirely responsible for the Ukranian Problem.

Lets see –

NATO was formed to counter the Soviet Union. Since its dissolution in 1991- NATO technically has no purpose whatsoever. USSR broke down into many splinters and pieces and Russia was one of the biggest pieces yet was weak in every possible way.

Thus NATO became a Bully of Europe. Using US Financial Muscle , it kept on expanding and bullying Europe. It invaded Yugoslavia unilaterally without UNSC sanction, recognized Kosovo as an Independent Country and justified their presence.

So NATO was always a Major Headache

Ex President Trump openly declared that he wanted to be over and done with NATO on September 2016 , before the Elections

Now the Ukranian Crisis :-

Russia was threatened by NATOS continuous eastward expansion. Every single Country adjoining Russia was being engulfed by NATO by brazenly supplying them weapons and sending troops for training.

Russia was assured as early as 1999 by Bill Clinton that NATO would soon no longer be relevant. Boris Yeltsin and Clinton personally agreed that NATO had no business expanding Eastward. In 2004 – Candidate John Kerry (Later SoS) openly said “The Cold War is OVER!!!! We have a new enemy and the enemy is faceless” Likewise in 2010 – President Barack Obama openly said “Russia is not a problem. This is not the Cold War. NATO has no further expansionist role

Yet NATO kept on expanding and supplying Weapons to country after country. This was primarily due to the US Defence Contractors and Defence Industries to whom NATO was one of the biggest markets and disbanding NATO or keeping NATO quiet would lead to huge losses in Defence orders and contracts. So NATO kept on expanding Eastward and gobbling up more and more erstwhile Soviet Era Satellites.

Ukraine was the Last Straw –

It was the Large Border between Russia and UKRAINE and if Ukraine became a NATO Member – that would mean complete encirclement of USSR by NATO countries.

So Russia protested strongly. And for several months –

As early as July 2021 – Russia sent a Memo to Anthony Blinken asking him to Address the Ukranian Issue and give Russia assurances that Ukraine would not be given Nato Membership and that Weapons or Missiles would not be placed in Ukraine. Blinken refused and said “Every Country is free to join NATO. We cannot make such an imposition”

The Lackeys – Johnson, Trudeau nodded along. France and Germany did not object but stayed silent. Putin subsequently opened dialogue with Zelensky, President of Ukraine to discuss the status of the Two Russian Language majority Portions of Ukraine and the Minsk Accords.

Again Zelensky ignored Putin in every way.

Lavrov – the Russian Foreign Minister – made every effort to make the World Understand that Russia wanted strong guarantees and Ukraine joining NATO was wrong and unacceptable. Again Blinken ignored him while Biden for the first time re-iterated that Putin was an Aggressor – a hundred times. 

The Lackeys – Johnson, Trudeau nodded along. France and Germany did not object but stayed silent. Any Objection from Russia was met with Three Standard Lines – “Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights” or some version of the same.

So Russia amassed Troops at the Border of Ukraine. Once again – a Diplomatic Solution was very easy. All NATO countries had to do was – Defer the Ukranian Issue until Russia and Ukraine had had their dialog and resolved their differences.

Reagan would have done the same. Thatcher too. So would Deng or Vajpayee. It was the sanest, most prudent thing to do and save face. But No!!!! Arrogant leaders like Johnson, Biden, Blinken, Liz Truss – simply did not do what was asked. They neither gave Security Guarantees nor did Ukraine discuss the Minsk accord. Instead they kept on going to the Press everyday and saying “Putin Bad….Putin Bad….Putin Bad…”

So Putin did what he had to do –

→ First Recognizing the Two Breakaway Pieces

→ Then moving Troops to defend them from the Ukranians

→ Then slowly consolidating his position and wiping out all Ukranian Airfields and Military Bases

My Guess is after this – he will sue for peace and return back troops to Russia and amalgamate the two separatist regions into Russia.

So NATO is also responsible for the conflict.

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