So, one day, one of my friends sent back-to-back links of 4-5 news articles. Now, this was a bit surprising to me as I have never known him as a news person at all. Hence, it was the maiden such occasion. Usually, he doesn’t even read the ones, I send him and prefers to live a carefree life.

Anyways, all of those articles were, in one way or another, linked to doomsday and expressed concerns over the existence of humans on earth. They advocated that considering the damage humans are doing to nature, the extinction of humans is imminent. And my friend got extremely worried about it.

We, the humans, consider ourselves the ultimate and super creation of nature. We believe that the creation of humans was the ultimate goal of nature and hence believe that our existence must always be ensured. While, in fact, the contrary thought that humans are the only damaging creations of nature appears to be true.

All the forms of life in nature are bound by natural laws. Due to a lack of conscience, they cannot go beyond or manipulate, those laws. The human being is the only creature that has this unique ability to choose selectively. We used this ability for survival and for arranging better comfort. In the chase of comforts, we ignored the damage and disturbances we created in nature. Disruption of food chains, destruction of species, damage to soil, air, water, and what not was never accounted.

But then you may say what’s wrong in saving ourselves? If even after knowing that doomsday is coming our way we don’t protect ourselves, won’t it amount to suicide? 

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with self-protection. Its a natural instinct all life forms have. But is it also our instinct to exploit nature for our comfort and luxury?

From nature’s point of view, humans are just one of the millions of other life forms and that too damaging ones. Over thousands of years, human beings have evolved as social animals which implies that we need help and support from other humans for survival. If someone is left alone in nature, he/she would hardly be able to survive unless he/she has obtained some sort of survival training. I view it as a bargain that nature did with humans. On one hand, we were given consciousness and on the other, we are robbed of physical robustness to changes. In spite of being aware of the damages we are doing and also its repercussions, how well are we biologically capable of coping up with them? There are many organisms that are either better or at times equally intelligent as humans. Here are a few examples:

  • Lung Fish– A fish that can stay alive inside the ground without water for four years!
  • Immortal jellyfish:  Scientifically known as Turritopsis Dohrnii is virtually biologically immortal.
  • Dolphins: In various studies, it has been found that dolphins are capable of complex problem solving and in having social interaction.
  • Bacteria: Microbial intelligence is a research area in itself. It has been discovered that even bacteria can display more sophisticated behavior as a population.
  • Viruses: I don’t need to explain!
  • Artificial Intelligence: Although not a life form or nature’s creation, AI has proved itself to have much better abilities than humans in several aspects.

So, it is evident that biologically, there is no super-ness in humans’ existence. We are still, and always were, just a part of the complex nature. Numerically, humans are just around 0.01% of all the living forms while plants are estimated to be about 82%.

It is certainly true that nobody ‘escapes’ earth alive, so in a way, doomsday or no doomsday, it doesn’t matter. A person’s death is his personal. Even if a thousand others die at the same time, still for him, his death is the only experience he can have. So, essentially, he has no one to ‘accompany’.

The more quickly we accept our existence as a regular, normal phenomenon of nature and behave accordingly, the better will be our ability to push doomsday far, far away…

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