Do Hindus really understand what Sanatan Dharma really is ? Do Hindus really understand what deities really want ? Or they manufacture their own definition of Sanatan Dharma. God will never want the sacrifices of its own creatures, says delhi ki Lavanya who haven’t read single Hindu scripture in her entire life.

The Durga Temple in Begusarai abolishes 700 year old tradition of Pashubali during Navratri. The temple in located in Lakhanpur, Bhagwanpur block, about 33 km from Begusarai district headquarters. The temple is of the oldest temples standing in the district. Every year Pashubali was carried out at the temple during Navratri and this tradition was being followed for more than 700 years. But this year, the 700-year-old tradition of animal sacrifice will be broken here because of the woke attitude which Hindus have insulated within themselves. Now, instead of animals, devotees will sacrifice vegetables and fruits like pumpkin and sugarcane for Devi. As per reports, the temple is managed by Maa Durga Temple Pushpalata Ghosh Charitable Trust. In an endeavour to bring changes, the committee decided to break this age old tradition and introduce new rituals.


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