Bidding adieu to Durga Maa and immersing her ‘Murti’ in the waters is the ritual of ‘Visarjan’ that is performed every year, year after year with the hope that the Mother will return the following year bringing in joys and blessings of the season.

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The uninitiated often wonders why to immerse the Murti where the Goddess lives. But there is meaning and depth in each ritual of Sanatan Dharma. The immersion or ‘Visarjan’ signifies non-permanence, the temporary image dissolving and merging into nature and losing it’s physical identity. But the Goddess is as permanent as our soul. Though the Murti is immersed, the divine presence remains.

The cycle of life is reflected in our festivals – joy, sorrow and hope.

Other Rituals: Darpan Visarjan

Darpan Visarjan is another important ritual that is observed before the actual immersion of the Murti. Here, the priest symbolically immerses the idol by capturing the reflection in a bowl of water.  In this practice, one has to see the reflection of Durga Maa through a bowl of water.

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