Whenever a professor of a university gets arrested for his connection with maoists or he was part of planning a riot to destabilize the peaceful atmosphere of the country. The first term which comes to our mind is Urban naxal. But who is specifically a urban naxal? The central universities like JNU, DU etc are filled with naxal sympathizers and also want to make ideology and thinking of students like them. 

They systematically brainwash the students. But not everyone is on their radar. They very cautiously choose those type of students who are less politically aware, energetic and wants to revolutionize the country. And after selection of the students these Urban naxals invest their time and tactics in them to convert the students into RTP (ready to protest) comrades. There are not one or two professors or activists, they are part of a very big nexus including teachers, professors, journalists, and the most important part of their process- NGOs.

This process can be explained by the following story:

Professor S is an associate professor of history at college. Today is the orientation day of the college and Student X is very excited. 

Orientation programme starts, many of the students including student X are very impressed by the energy and cheerfulness of the Professor. In the first class, Student X tell the class about her aim to eradicate the gender based discrimination and she also wants to change society.

 From now this process of brainwash starts by showing the student that every thing in the culture of India is very regressive and a result of patriarchy. Gradually she becomes a men hater and government hater rather than thinking for women equality. Classroom is just a small part of this programme. 

College is more than a classroom teaching. All the major works are done in cultural societies. In this case it’s the gender forum of the college. Gender forum organize all types of seminars . In which in the name of gender discrimination, Marxist propaganda is promoted. After classrooms these seminars are also part of this recruitment ground and a method to brainwash the students. In the name of fundamental rights, constitution, social and gender equality they make student a robot who hates state structure, sanatan culture and everything pro- government. But neither college is beginning point of this process nor the end. Our whole education system is programmed like this.

Students study and go. The College is permanent. It’s up to us, what we want from our educational institutions. We have to fight this nexus. Not by screaming and shouting slogans. By starting to believe in logic and rationality. We have to hear the voices of those who attempt to answer the question rather than raising questions just for the harmful political agenda. Last but not the least, only you should have right to think for you.


 Our Professor in the beginning looked like a dedicated teacher. Who was filled with joyfulness and enjoy every moment while teaching students. But this is the side which is visible to the students. Students are unable to see his other life as a member of an organization. 

The professor is a member of a democratic rights organization. This is the same organization whose senior member recently surrendered to the NIA for his connections with Pakistani terrorist group. Our professor is the secretary of the same organization and supports that senior member. 

Our professor also supports Jammu Kashmir liberation front ,jamat e islami, kanhaiya kumar and umar khalid and wrote many articles in support of these. 

Mask is what you need to hide your identity. Here, these so called ‘civil rights organization’ are used as a mask to hide their anti national, pro maoist and naxal agenda. These civil rights groups in the name of constitution, democracy, and human rights provided their all support to naxals so they can kill and loot uninterrupted in the jungles.

 In universities and colleges, most of those who support the Maoist agenda are connected to each other through these so called organizations. They also work as a depot for the foreign money and then they transport this money to the red corridor. 

It’s needed that one should be careful and alert. Our professor is not the only one in the college. Another¬† professor of a different department of our college even tried to justify the slogan “bharat tere tukde honge, inshallha inshallah” by saying that it’s just a slogan given in overexcitement. And the biggest misconception is that we think these naxal sympathizers are intellectuals. Aren’t These intellectuals far more dangerous than those naxals who are visible to us? Don’t These urban naxals¬† hollow out the country from inside.

In which direction we are going? What will be the consequences if they are not stopped? What can we do?

I think answers to all these questions lies within us.

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