PROJECT VERITAS – The Conservative Group of Guerrilla journalists who are famous for their sting operations

We know how bigtech giants are doing their best to spread misinformation to mislead people and suppress conservatives voices. NewYorkTimes, known for it’s intense hatred for conservatives and ultra-liberal bias is getting sued by A conservative group called Project Veritas.

What is Project Veritas? : A Conservative Group of reporters who’s famous for controversial sting operations, meant to expose the liberal bias in the government system.

Veritas Project, which has been caught in many lawsuits with big-tech corporations, has NEVER lost a case against their peer opponents. It now looks to take NYT to cleaners.

So what’s the issue?
Project Veritas had posted a video where a man was allegedly caught harvesting mail-in ballots fraudulently. it argued how the election was being manipulated by the democratic party to defeat trump. Unsurprisingly the NYT jumped in and stated without any concrete evidence that video posted by Project Veritas was “deceptive” and it made ballot-harvesting claims “without evidence,” and argued that it was posted to deceive the voters against Joe Biden.

Not to be the ones getting silenced, Project Veritas hit back and asked the NYT to either prove their claims or retract their story, or else they would sue them for defamation.

In return, NYT did not retract the story, hence yesterday the co-founder of “Project Veritas”- James o’Keefe announced that they were suing the NYT over spreading misinformation and they will drag them to court.

You can see their full video here where it makes the announcement :
James O’Keefe vows to take The NYT to cleaners.

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