Four more years of a Trump Presidency will mean a lot of things in terms of domestic and international policy changes.

1) CHINESE THREAT.  If Trump comes into power again, the ties with India will continue to be strengthened the way Hindus want and any sane person on the planet would want.  Trump needs an ally in Asia and thus far the CIA has made blunders in the region by partnering up with unsavory characters, or even worse, playing multiple sides against each other.  Now that China has emerged as the world’s enemy #1, it is essential that Trump continue to partner with viable democracies in the region.  India is one such democracy and it too faces challenges from China as well as the multiple, failed Islamic republics which surround it.  Four more years of Trump will guarantee India becoming a crucial partner in the war against (you name it).

2) ISLAMIC THREAT.  While the U.S. tries to pull out of the Afghanistan area, India can play a role in stepping in and serving as a democratic mentor while filling up the vacuum which exists in the region.  It is no surprise to anyone that the Jihadi Mullahs are trying to fulfill their Indian occupation dreams which their incompetant Mughal ancestors could not do.  Islamic threat is not just from outside of India but is brewing within India as well.  If Trump comes to power, India wil not need to worry about implementing more policies such as the CAA and actively engage in the fight against terrorism.  A large amount of terrorist activities against India are funded by Pakistan via borrowed funds and having Trump as the U.S. President will help curb the rate of growing Islamic threats in India.  

3) TURKEY-PAKISTAN-CHINA — The New Axis of Evil.  The two-nation theory is being actively practiced by the liberals-communists and Jihadis, who have all ganged up against a common enemy in the Indian subcontinent.  This enemy are the Pagan-Hindus who are being murdered in Islamic Republics as well as India for not having embraced the religion of Jihad.  As Turkey vies for power in the Middle East alliances will shift globally.  The low hanging fruit here is the already-failed Islamic Republic and Chinese Colony of Pakistan.  Once Pakistan is defunded, the China-Pakistan bond will weaken by default.  Trump’s second term might actively work to break up Pakistan or certainly look away while India is doing so.  The rest of the world will join in defunding China in an economic sense; thanks to Covid, this process has already begun. Turkey’s dream of world domination will remain a non-starter under a Trump Presidency.  

4) ALTERNATIVE ENERGY.  It is important to stop the business of petro dollars.  Even Arab states realize that their coffers will not remain full forever.  The Saudis shaking hands with Israel is not a fluke, outlier event.  A change in policy will take place when the world is not dependent on oil.  Though typically Republicans have supported certain industries in the past, Trump is not a typical Republican and he might be working on strategies to lessen the dependence on oil.  This might seem like a long shot but should not be dismissed as taking ecology and environment into account as we move towards an age of desertification; water shortage and worse-case scenarios given climate change.  Moving away from oil transport fuel is sound strategy regardless of geopolitics driving the agenda.

Regardless of what people think about President Trump as a person, he is the right leader to deal with the Islamic-Communist Axis of Evil.  With the help of other Arab nations and India, the biggest threat to human civilization can be accomplished in the next four years.  Pakistan ke tukde honge, in the next four years.  This will usher in many other positive changes. 

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