Here’s a stab at a possibility of why some Hindu girls fall prey to Love-Jihad. The problem lies with the father and as a result the mother. This might also explain the general behavior of at least the Hindu children.

The way a female child’s mind is wired, a girl’s character and her demeanor is highly affected by how her father is toward her and her mother.

The negative affect on a female child results from:

1. A father not taking interest in the children’s (including the daughter(s)) day to day well being. The mental absence of the father from the children’s lives has a massive impact on the children’s mind development. I will explain later how that affects them.

2. A father who only relates on a transactional level with his children, ie only concerned about them about their marks, getting in good college, getting in science program, becoming an engineer or a doctor or some high rank in the govt so that one day he can brag about it. The children grow to understand that life is all about give and take in a trading sort of way. To the children, everything becomes a commercial trade and the kids get desensitized to empathy and sympathy with others. That’s why we see so much of indifferent behaviour of the people to each other. They become numb to other people’s pain. They even become numb to their own close relations.

3. The father treats the mother as someone who is there to serve him. He doesn’t care if the mother is up from dawn to dusk, running the household and serving him and the children. The father doesn’t appreciate her hard work in running the household. The father has an almost transactional relationship with the mother as well.

4. The father and or the mother has very little or no sense of self respect, self pride, honesty, integrity or convictions. Examples of such individuals are people who lie about the smallest things like making excuses. They will lie constantly about getting things for cheap or free whether they can afford it or not. For example, if the govt announces discounted gas cylinder for poor people then given the opportunity these individuals will try to scam the govt even if they can easily afford small luxuries. Encroaching on other people’s property, govt property is another example of people with no honesty or integrity.
These people also do not feel any sense of shame if their lies are caught or if they get exposed. To them its more like “ok so I got caught”. A person with any self respect would not lie to begin with and if they are caught lying then they would be very ashamed and feel self-humiliated. But these people are completely unfazed.
These individuals are lazy. One of the most common traits of lazy individuals are that they are manipulative in order to either escape from doing their work or manipulating others into doing something for them so they don’t have to do anything.
These individuals are hypocrites who expect everybody else to be ideal except themselves. They expect everybody else to be nice and honest to them. The character and traits of these individuals get picked up and learned by their children since the children do not have any other role model. This is psychologically proven that females more often than not will choose individuals like their father even these females do not think highly of their father. So when a scheming love jihadi makes his move on a Hindu female she subconsciously sees her father in that person.
In Bharat, this culture has become extremely common among the population and this puts a huge percentage of Hindu girls at the risk of love jihad.

Explaining point 1 further: A girl subconsciously looks up to her father and this attachment affects how she grows up. A father who is connected to his daughter and is there for her MENTALLY (this is of utmost importance) makes her feel secure and this sense of security is what develops her self-worth, decision making, confidence, healthy and balanced independence and dependence, self-esteem etc. A healthy balance of her emotional needs from her birth helps her choose a good life partner and she will make that choice with confidence while making sure she is respected and not negatively dependent on him.
A girl when given the choice or independence to choose her own partner will almost always subconsciously choose a mate who is more like her father. Therefore a girl with abusive father will almost always choose an abusive boy. A girl with manipulative or selfish father will end up choosing the same type of person. A girl who has an absent father (mentally) will almost always choose a self-centered man who takes her for granted, is never there for her, ie a very selfish person. In all these scenarios the girl will be very aware of how she is mistreated/abused/unappreciated by her abusive mate but she will never choose to leave. If she does choose to leave the relationship then the next person she chooses will be the same as the last one because that is what is normal for her. And if she does come across a nice person she will cheat on him or dump him or not appreciate him. How often do you hear the girl’s say “I like guys who are bad”, that’s your red flag right there.
Other serious reasons a girl child feels detached from her father is her family’s bias against females, giving priority to male children or having too many children. The younger children tend to get neglected due to crowding. Only the first couple of first born children are given any attention in the family and after that the rest just become commodities. All these points mentioned are all too common in Bharat.

Explaining point 3 further: A person who doesn’t respect the mother has a very adverse effect on the mother and as a result on the children. The mother, ie the father’s wife is a wife and a mother. As a wife she wants to be treated with respect, loved, romanced, appreciated for her sacrifices and hard work and paid attention to. When a man takes her wife for granted and doesn’t appreciate her role as a housemaker the woman loses that affection for her husband subconsciously and permanently. This is even worse when her husband’s possessive mother (ie her mother in law) continues to run his life and gets jealous at the very thought of losing that control to his wife. This is when the dirty politics happen every day between the mother in law and the daughter in law. The children subconsciously absorb this corrosive environment and it needs no mentioning how bad this would be for the children. So wife has this vacuum of love from her husband and whenever there is something missing in our lives we subconsciously try to find the alternative. The wife replaces this lack of affection from the husband with the love of her children especially the son. What is considered as a motherly love is actually corrosive pampering of children that turns kids into brats. The mother will smother the children with this poisonous love. She will also use the children as her crutch to take care of her in old age since she doesn’t feel she can count on her husband to be there for her. This is especially true in cases where the husband is very emotionally abusive, physically abusive or doesn’t make her feel secure from his aggressive family members and his mother. The wife then looks up to her son be that shield for her. So the wife will subconsciously spoil the children (especially the boy) by making them forever dependent on her. The children will be fed food in their beds, clothes washed till they are married and every little need met to the detail so they stay dependent on her. This is not love, this is mind manipulation of the children by their mother to ensure her own well being throughout her life.
Remember when I mentioned that the wife has to compete with the mother in law for her husband’s  affection? This mother in law was the wife earlier in life who made her son (now a husband) dependent on her. The current wife will then become that same mother in law who she hated everyday.

When a girl goes through a life mentioned above (common in Bharat) then her mental balance and her decision making skills are not the healthiest. Combine this with love-jihad predators who are explicitly trained to prey upon Hindu girls and you’ll see why Hindu girls fall prey to these scumbags. They know these jihadis are bad, manipulative, scheming, transactional yet they go after them anyway because these jihadis shower them with praises and love that these girls were missing during their childhood. The self esteem and the self worth of these girls are so damaged that even the most obvious counterfeit and superficial praises showered on them satisfies their need for the love vacuum from their father. The girls who lack the true and love and support from their father not only tend to choose bad life partners, they are also susceptible to early pregnancies, drugs addiction and not being able to complete their education or any personal or professional goals in their life.
When a girl is raised in a household with a sense of resignation (look up the meaning) then she sees her future the same whether she gets married to a Hindu or a love-jihadi. At least the love-jihadi is giving her attention albeit for a very satanic reason and that is enough bonus for her.

The ultimate burden (for the men who are lazy and selfish) or the responsibility (for the ones who love their roles as a father and a husband) to make sure their children including their daughters lie first with the man because this has a snowball effect on how other lives turn out. The men (ie the fathers and the husbands) need to stop being selfish and play their roles of a husband and a father as a responsibility and not as if they are doing someone a favour just because they are providing for the family.

A woman marries a man and she leaves her home for him. She is taking a massive leap of faith of leaving her comfort zone to someone who is still more-or-less a stranger. It’s the man’s responsibility to make sure she feels at home and that she is mentally happy and content if he expects her to raise mentally happy and healthy girls.

I’m not saying this is the only explanation but it is something to ponder upon.

I urge you guys to watch the movie The Big Lebowski and try to see how and where that movie relates to the point 1 in this write-up.

On a different topic yet related to this write-up, girls in jihadi religion (get the hint?) are most definitely suffering the same consequences mentioned above and that makes them very much available to try a Hindu or at minimum a non-jihad religion husband. Do you want to take that challenge of bringing one to the bright side? 🙂

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