Vulgarity is creeping in the celebration of our festivals like Deepawali, Holi, Ramaleela, Durga Puja. These have become occasions for gambling, drinking, vulgar film music. Vulgarity is also creeping in celebrations connected with wedding.

Cinemas are becoming great moral and social pollutants. They teach crime and cynicism. New literature and journalism wallow in obscenity. There is great vulgarity in advertisements. Our women are not receiving due respect. The old are being neglected. The spirit of cherishing and reverence are on the wane. Faith and fidelity are going out of relations.

The sense of meaninglessness is on the increase. The spirit of excellence, vocation and sadhana is yielding place to commercialism, cynicism and nihilism. The spiritual leaders of the society have to meet these problems as best as they can.

Reference- On Hinduism by Ram Swarup

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