Matt Taibbi published a fresh batch of “Twitter Files” on Thursday (March 2). In it, he described how the Atlantic Council’s US-funded Digital Forensic Research (DFR) Lab sought to restrict Twitter handles purportedly linked to “Hindu nationalism” and the BJP in particular.

On June 8, 2021, an analyst by the name of Andy Carvin wrote to senior Twitter executives, “Hi guys. Attached you will find… around 40k Twitter accounts that our researchers suspect are engaging in inauthentic behaviour… and Hindu nationalism more broadly.”

Around 40,000 accounts were highlighted by a DFR Lab analyst who claimed they were paid or unpaid volunteers for the BJP, the country’s main political party.


DFR Lab sought to censor well-known and affiliated with the BJP RW accounts. The Soros-funded, India-focused DFR lab at the Atlantic Council has been at the forefront of training “truth checkers.” This discussion confirms what many accounts have known for some time: that a political and religious witch hunt silenced their views.

Matt Taibbi previously claimed that Twitter staffers had not discovered any proof of Russian interference in the 2016 US elections. But, they persisted in allowing Democrats and other outlets to use their platform to spread the lie that Trump was supported by Moscow.

And the organisation used its affiliation with the BJP and the cause of Hindu nationalism as justification. Here is the list of the accounts that were censored:

  1. Abhijat Mishra
  2. Amar Prasad Reddy
  3. Anubha Tripathi
  4. Arjun Bhati
  5. Arun Yadav
  6. Asha Nakum
  7. Ashish Merkhed
  8. Ashok Goel
  9. Baby Kumari BJP
  10. Bamba Lal Diwakar
  11. Barkha Shukla Singh
  12. Bhupesh Chaubey BJP
  13. Colonel Rohit Dev (RDX)
  14. Deomani Dwivedi
  15. Dinesh Chaudhary
  16. Dr. Pankaj Shukla
  17. Dr. Sarojini Agarwal MLC
  18. Gajendra Chauhan
  19. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi
  20. Hariom Pandey
  21. Harjinder Singh Kukreja
  22. Jitu Jirati ( jitendra jirati )
  23. Kapil Mishra
  24. khemchand sharma
  25. Kishore Ajwani
  26. Kuljeet Singh Chahal
  27. Manish Kaushik
  28. Manoj Manu
  29. Manu Bhaker
  30. Meena Das Narayan
  31. N Ramchander Rao
  32. Narendra Kumar
  33. Narendra Kumar Chawla
  34. Naveen Kumar Jindal
  35. Naveen Thacker
  36. NCIB Uttar Pradesh
  37. Neelkant Bakshi
  38. Parmod Kumar Vij
  39. Piyush Goyal Office
  40. Piyush Mishra
  41. Pradipsinh Vaghela
  42. Prakash Dwivedi
  43. Pravin Alai
  44. Priyanka Singh Rawat
  45. RaghavjiBhai Patel
  46. Rahees Singh
  47. Rajan Tewari
  48. Ramesh Solanki
  49. Rameshnaidu Nagothu
  50. Ramvichar Netam
  51. Ravi Rana
  53. Sandeep Mittal, IPS
  54. Santosh Ranjan Rai
  55. Serv’ed,Call me Servüôè(Ravi Mantha )
  56. Shinjini Das
  57. Shishir
  58. Sumit
  59. Suresh Nakhua
  60. Swapnil Kamal Rani Varun
  61. Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga
  62. Uday Mahurkar
  63. UP MSMe
  65. Varun Puri
  66. Vijesh Lunawat

The Atlantic Council, a group that works to advance US interests abroad, has created the DFR Lab as a self-described “fact-checking” project. Pakistan’s Prime Minister is a member of the organization’s board of outside advisers. Though the exact reason a US-based organisation connected to George Soros wanted Twitter to censor BJP-affiliated social media handles is not yet clear, the fact that Soros recently suggested that one of his goals was to weaken Modi politically may shed some light on the matter in the larger context.

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