We often find self appointed guardians of equality or Ambedkarites to be precise, spewing venom upon Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) and its sacred scriptures like Manusmriti. Dr BR Ambedkar’s view on Hinduism is often marked as revolutionary by his fans. But the same Bhimtards keep a blue flag in their mouth when it comes to standing for their master on his views on Islam.


Currently the Hijab controversy which landed or was manufactured by Islamists in January is currently kept at the table of Apex Court. Sr Adv Colin Gonsalves who is appearing for pro-hijab students, while arguing for the petitioners called Dr BR Ambedkar’s view on Islam as deeply offensive. He said “Dr.Ambedkar, although he is a pillar but his statement is deeply offensive. It is a statement which should not be repeated in India, great that he is”.



But surprisingly none of the self proclaimed Ambedkarites came in front to criticize the statement made by Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves who is appearing for pro-hijab students. The silence speaks loud enough to show the real face of Bhimtards. The silence washes out the “blue” colour which is painted over “green”.



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