“न देवी तव दुःखेना स्वर्गं अपि अभिरोचये” (If you cry, even swarga is not pleasing to me), these were the words of Maryadapurushottam Bhagwan Shree Ram which he said to his Ardhangini, Ma Sita. The purest form of love the sacred land of Bharat witnessed is between the creator of this Universe Bhagwan Shree Ram and his wife Ma Sita. But numerous attempts are being made to paint the divine love story with a black brush. Through uncountable articles, videos, tweets, comments the Adharmis have tried to sprinkle black blots on this Divine Love Story and unfortunately to a large extent have succeeded in doing so. Bhagwan Shree Ram is being portrayed by Adharmis as someone who was misogynist, Patriarch and someone who abused his wife. Pabhu Shree Ram is questioned by Adharmis including Hindus for asking Ma Sita . The question itself does a big injustice to the purest love Bhagwan had with his Ardhangini.

The claims and questions against Prabhu Shree Ram does not hold a pinch of truth. Prabhu Shree Ram in every point of time endured that Ma Sita faces no difficulty.

tava sarva mabhiprAyamavignyAya subhAnanE vAsam narOchayEranyE sakthimAnapi rakshanE (Valmiki Ramayana)

Meaning – Even though I am capable of protecting you in forest, its not good to order you to come to forest with me without knowing your strong opinion.

When Ma Kaikayi asked Bhagwan Shree Ram to go on a exile for 14 years, Ma Sita asked Shree Ram to take her along with him but Bhagwan Shree Ram initially refused as the 14 years will mean a lots of hardships and as this order was for him, he did not wanted Ma Sita to suffer his punishment.

Valmiki Ramayan says….when Lankapati Ravan abducts Ma Sita and Prabhu Shree Ram was not able to find any trace of Ma Sita, he helplessly asks the trees in the forest to reveal to him where Ravana took his beloved wife. When he doesn’t get the answer, he becomes furious and says if he doesn’t get the idea of where Ma Sita is, he is going to burn the entire forest. The reason behind the Shatchitta Shree Ram turning so furious was obviously the deep love he had for Ma Sita.

In the search of his beloved wife, Prabhu Shree Ram creates Vanar Sena, crustructs Ram setu , goes all the way to Lanka and defeats the mighty army of Ravan. These struggles, the Ram Setu..all are evidences of the divine love of Bhagwan Shree Ram and Ma Sita.

Let’s come to the favourite part of Adharmis that is Agni Pariksha because of which they point fingers at the character of Prabhu Shree Ram. It is being said by them that Prabhu Shree doubted the character and purity of Ma Sita which doesn’t hold a mole of truth. In Valmiki Ramayana it is no where mentioned that Bhagwan Shree Ram doubted the purity of Ma Sita. Rather through Valmiki Ramayana, we can see Shree Ram categorically stating that he has no doubt upon the purity of Ma Sita. Prabhu Shree Ram did not want anyone to ever raise a finger on the purity of Ma Sita and therefore the Agni Pariksha. Agni Pariksha was never about expunging the doubts of Rama, as he never had any. Also during the incident of Agni Pariksha, Prabhu Shree Ram pinned blame upon himself and called himself as a diseased eye.

“प्राप्तचारित्रसंदेह मम प्रतिमुखे स्थिता |
दीपो नेत्रातुरस्येव प्रतिकूलासि मे दृढम् ||”(Valmiki Ramayana)
Here Prabhu Shree Ram compared himself to a diseased eye and referred Ma Sita as bright light. Bhagwan Shree Ram blamed himself of being that diseased eye that cannot see the light coming out from Deep.

Valmiki Ramayana mentions that when Ma Sita was doing Agni Pariksha, Prabhu Shree Ram closed his eyes, tears were rolling down his eyes.

Also let’s come to another favourite event of Ramayana, the incident which belongs to Uttarkand of Ramayana where Prabhu Shree Ram abondons Ma Sita. Valmiki Ramayana proves many a times that Prabhu Shree Ram did not have an iota of doubt on Ma Sita but because of the Dharma Sankat he faced, he had to abondon Ma Sita. The first Dharma of a Raja is towards his Praja and therefore Prabhu Shree Ram while stuck in a Dharm Sankat chose Rajdharma. The Dharma Sankat Prabhu Shree Ram faced and the politically correctness led to the toughest decison Bhagwan Ram took. Rajdharma is the foremost Dharma, a king has to follow. Even though Prabhu Shree Ram did not have an iota of doubt he had to take the tough call. Also it must be noted that Ma Sita never uttered a single word against the decision of Bhagwan Shree Ram as she was not merely a wife but the Queen of Ayodhya who too was binded by the “Rajdharma”.

The divine Love story between Bhagwan Shree Ram and his dharmpatni Ma Sita blesses every new couple who tie themselves in the knot of marriage.

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