After Friday prayers in Prayagraj, the conspiracy for the disturbance in Atala was hatched several days ago. In the investigation so far, it has become clear that only after the violence in Kanpur, a conspiracy was being hatched for it in Prayagraj as well. The conspirators of the riot had contacted more than two thousand youths and teenagers within four days. DM Sanjay Kumar Khatri says that there was proper funding for stone pelting, which is being investigated confidentially. Several bank accounts are being searched. More than two hundred bank accounts are being investigated, which will also be frozen soon.

Intelligence agencies probing the role of PFI in UP –

DM has not denied the involvement of PFI (Popular Front of India) in the riots in Atala, Prayagraj. The name of this radical Islamic organization PFI has come in the Kanpur violence. DM says that intelligence agencies are investigating the role of PFI, whose report will be revealed soon.

Those who tricked the youth for nuisance are being marked A list of many such people has been prepared. Told that along with instigating, a list of those giving money to youth and teenagers is being prepared. Several investigative committees are engaged in the investigation. Where the funding came from and in which accounts the money came, it is also being investigated. Information is being collected about the amount received in the last one week in the banks of Kareli, Atala, Nurulla Road, Nakhas Kohna, Shahganj, Beniganj, Khuldabad areas.

Bulldozers will also run on the houses of many others involved in the conspiracy:

A list of other conspirators involved in the Atala nuisance conspiracy is also being prepared by the district administration. A large number of conspirators have been listed. There are many big names among them. Some former councilors and local leaders are also involved. The DM said that after the list is prepared, bulldozers will also run at the house of the main conspirators.

DM said – strict action against those involved in the conspiracy of riots:

Prayagraj District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar Khatri said that only after the violence in Kanpur, a conspiracy was hatched here too. The main conspirators are being identified. Bank accounts of several suspects who funded are being searched. Intelligence agencies are also investigating the role of PFI. Strict action is being taken against those involved in the conspiracy to riot.

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