The New UGC’s revision of history syllabus for undergraduate course 2021 has been long awaited. The Indian history as taught so far in college was based on Political conjecture and ideological biases. At-least Three generation in post Independent India studied Medieval Historical stories of Invaders, Killings, Plunder, Sex perversion and King`s Harem. Concocted stories drawn from court poets of Mughal and were handed down as History books.

No study on administration, Society and Civilizational value were inscribed. Archeological findings, Art and coins specially related to ancient India were willfully ignored. And anything even remotely related to Vedic tradition and Indus Saraswati Civilizations were critically rejected.

A coterie of ideologically obsessed Historians presented a collection of rubbish content and spoiled the intellectual ability of New India.

Welcome and courageous reform in Undergraduate syllabus has been effected in 2021. And HRD minister and PM Narendra Modi deserves a standing ovation for this timely correction in Learnings.

Some of the important points which have been articulated are certainly going to make you Proud about yourself.

1)    The 2021 Undergraduate Syllabus recognizes and introduces the Indus Saraswati Civilization. The concocted Story of Aryan as Invader by British Macaulay now stands exposed.  Earlier even the introduction of Ved, Puran, Vedang and Upnishad were either rejected or defiled, the same has now been set right. Summary introduction has been introduced.

2)    Ancient Indian Science, Art and Culture had been buried into oblivion. Generation of today cannot even recognize Aryabhatta, Bhaskar, Varahmihir and Ramanujam, some of the best mathematical brains on Planet Earth. Kalidaas’ writings were Marvel ahead of Shakespeare in their contemporary world. Thankfully this criminal negligence of the past has been addressed and prospective students would now study true content.

3)    Ancient Indian Political History had some Great nation builder dynasties. Content on Maurya, Chola, Pandya, Satavahana, Kushan, Gupta, Harsha, Pratihar, Chandel, Kakatiya, Hoysala and Chalukya of Ancient Indian history have been adequately addressed.

4)    Medieval History has been balanced with Ahom, Mughal, Rajput, Maratha, Vijayanagar and Bahmani. Most important Mughal has been addressed as Invader, which was long overdue.   

5)    History is not about dynasty and Kings Life. It is about Society, Literature, Cultural values, Social reforms and administration. Adequate no of hours have been allotted in the semester hours of engagement for the first time.

6)     Contemporary History of Asia, US, Europe, China and Middle east had also been proportionately introduced for a Student to be aware of the contemporary world.

It could not have been so better. Distorted and denigrated History of India had disillusioned generations about their inferiority and backwardness. “The India the wonder it was “An excellent book on Indian History written by A L Wasam, an African by birth can sum up the British and left historians conspiracy to keep Indian value as enslaved.

Time has come to undo all the errors and Injustice in history learning. Government should also look into NCERT content of History till class 12 to weed out deceitful and false insertion into curriculum. The earlier we do it the better it is.

There have been many reviews now appearing in the public domain. Ideological affliction and individual perversion are rejecting this welcome change. But now they stand exposed and it is high time, such dubious brains should be isolated and weeded out from the mainstream learning system.

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