जलती चिताओं की फोटो खींचकर बेचने वाले दानिश सिद्दकी की अफगानिस्तान में हत्या

We all saw the images of dead body of Danish Siddique , killed by Taliban was shared on Social Media, all WOKES lost their marbles. As per them, images of dead should not be shared, as a mark of respect for the dead.

Where was the same logic and care applied by the dead man when he made money from the images of dead on their final journey during second wave of Corona ? Not only did this vulture made money from those gory images and painful sights .

Not only did he distribute it to international media, but he also uploaded the images on Getty sites from where they could be downloaded by anyone for a HEFTY FEE. He was a tragedy porn profiteer , someone who not only gave NO DIGNITY to the dead in their final hours but also made money from the images of the dead. He will get the same treatment that he gave to others.

His death will be dealt with, in the same manner, that he propagated and did, that is why broadcasting images of his dead, mutilated body by hid fellow religious people.

No such vultures deserve no dignity in death. They deserve what they gave to others .

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