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Do you know ? Why Ujjain Shivling is called Mahakaleshwar ?
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Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling
Ujjain is the land of Mahakaleshwar which means Shiva is beyond Time and Space. Ancient scholars considered Ujjain as the prime meridian (zero longitude). The tilting of earth at an angle of 23.5 degrees on its axis and the line of Tropic of Cancer has a special cosmic influence, making Ujjain an ideal place for time calculation and creation of Panchang (Hindu calendar). Thus, this city situated on the intersection of the Tropic of Cancer and the meridian is also known as ‘Greenwich of India’. ‘Time’ in Sanskrit is called ‘kal’. Hence Shiva is worshipped as Mahakal, the God of Time. According to legend, Mahakaleshwar’s shivling is situated at the intersection point of the tropic of cancer and the meridian, and it is in the centre of the Earth.

Indian astro-sciences regard Ujjain as central reference point. It has been the main centre of astrology since ancient times. The day used by ancient Indian astronomers. began at sunrise at the prime meridian of Ujjain. The ancient Hindu book on astronomy, Surya Siddhanta, which postulated a spherical earth, long before the western world did, explained the prime meridian as passing through Avanti, the ancient name for Ujjain.Surya Siddhanta is one of the earliest available texts on Indian astronomy dated to 4th century CE. This text describes scientific methods used the determination of place and time with respect to India’s ancient Prime Meridian. These methods are thousands of years old. This indicates that Avanti (was captial of Ujjaini the ancient name of Ujjain ) is the Prime Meridian of Earth. Prime meridian is an imaginary line which is a geographical co-ordinate system. Its a zero point for both time and geographical calculations. Nowthe internationally accepted Prime Meridian runs through Greenwich, in England but in India even now whenever a panchang or a horoscope as per the Hindu almanac is drawn up, it’s based on Ujjain time (29 mins behind IST) . Ujjain is a sacred city be it in the Mahabharata or Ramayana especially because it dedicated to Sacred time. Mahakaal means great time and all Indian traditional calendars and all sacred time is calculated from this line. Around 570 A.D., Varaha Mihira in city of Ujjain in India wrote his treatise on Astronomy and astrology called the Panchasiddhanta, which had 5 texts in it, namely the Surya siddhAnta [Doctrine of Solar System & Motions], Vasishtha Siddhanta [Doctrine of the Major/Minor Bear constellation], Pulasa Siddhanta [Doctrine of the Greek city of SaIntra], romaka Siddhanta [Doctrine of the Romans] and paItamaha Siddhanta.Surya Siddhanta which had calculations on planet diameters and examples which proved that earth had multiple time zones, states that: “Objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction by the earth. therefore, the earth, the planets, constellations, the moon and the sun are held in orbit due to this attraction.

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