Bijapur Naxal attack and loss of 22 Bravehearts. Who is responsible?

Let’s understand a brief history

2013 when Manmohan Singh was PM, I wrote a series of tweets post VC Shukla killed by Naxals on 25 May 2013 when he was on a yatra in Chhattisgarh and asked 2 questions to the then Prime Minister

The 2 basic questions were

“Mr PM what is 80:20 business model of Congress in Chhattisgarh?”

“The missionaries operating in Chhattisgarh, why he have meetings with Sonia Gandhi?”

and PMOINDIA handle blocked me

80:20 business model is simple, if Rs 100 comes from center to fight Naxal in Chhattisgarh, Congress keeps 80% and 20% is given to naxal

Naxal Commander Hidma, having a bounty of 25 lakh on his head, likely behind today’s Naxal attack by the platoon of around 250 terrorists. Hidma converted to Christianity in the year 2012 and joined in anti-national activities.

Everybody should now know the nexus of Naxals, XJP and Christian missionaries which is a real threat to the nation.

When Congress govt came in power, I told u that this congress govt elected in chatisgarh, by mid of 2021 the situation will get worse and China-backed Naxals will be activated. And remember during BJP rule record number of Naxal put down their arms due to Raman Singh policies. With the latest attack on jawans, Italians just expedited the whole process of conversion.

The attack was a tragedy in waiting so that somehow the China MoU partners can come back to power. This attack has XJP approval and I informed well in advance but my Twitter handles were suspended by Raita Gang of BJP

Now let’s look at the force structure

Any central forces deployed in state for Naxal operation work under the leadership and command of state DGP

The current DGP anti naxal ops Dr Ashok Juneja is a close aide of current CM of Chhattisgarh. He was made DGP without a single day of experience in ops. The result is evident 2 major attacks in last few months.

3 Officers Senior to Ashok Juneja were superseded by CM to make him DGP even after observations from MHA.

The parachuting of IPS officers with negligible on-ground experience has to stop to improve things with the Force

It speaks very poorly of the leadership skills and op capabilities of the force fighting Naxals. I read there were approx 200+ men there who were ambushed.

It’s like a battle. It has to be led from the front.

With DGPs, IGs & DGs all from IPS the level of experience and preparation has taken a hit. The result is such a sad loss to the Nation

There is an urgent need to reorganize the force. Preferably on regimental lines of Army with reasonable permanency of tenures plus opportunities for its own cadre to grow. In disturbed areas where they are deployed for counter-terrorism operations, they should not be placed under IPS bosses.

So who is responsible?

Definitely not Congress or current CM or DGP because we know their nexus and we know what are their motives.

The only one responsible for 22 fallen soldiers today is “We the people of Chhattisgarh” who knew everything but still voted a corrupt anti India party for our pity personal gains.


“The martyrdom of CRPF soldiers will not go in vain.”

I assured you after Pulwama, I am doing the same today

Rest assured. Not a single drop of blood will go waste.

Jai Hind


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