Indic faiths are really complicated if one is a academic or a next level seeker. This is because it’s not a bookish religion but experiential wisdom collected over thousands of years. So for the masses a simple way to sustain the wisdom and way of life is by bhakti – anywhere globally. Masses don’t have time and resources to indulge in too much academic analysis or rigorous practices so simple easy to consume bhakti like festivals, songs, rituals, imagery etc works.

Bollywood used to have a lot of bhakti in form of songs or sequences filmed on festivals (like Govinda ala re songs) imagery etc.

Ever wondered why and how it suddenly stopped in the 90s and totally changed course?

Gulshan Kumar was killed only because Bollywood couldn’t have been Islamized while he was living.

Bhakti songs disappeared from Bollywood as soon as he died, only those who danced at the tune of Dawood became star!

His killer Abdul Rauf fled India in 2009 after he was granted parole during Congress regime & was caught & got extradited to India from Bangladesh in 2016.

The person who gave his supari on behalf of Dawood is living lavish and peaceful life in abroad. That’s Nadeem

And this is how a key ecosystem of yours was infiltrated to be used subtly against you and turn the minds of the next generation. And it has been done quite successfully and systematically

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