We all have seen the Islamist Takeover of Taliban who are oppressing and supressing ALL especially women in Afghanistan.

But, as expected, famous activists, humanists, feminists , secularists , environmentalists, anti-fascists , anti RSS Sanghi , Anti Hindutva , ANti Brahmanical Patriarchy torch bearers like Zoya Akhta , Nitya Mehra are so (EXPECTEDLY) silent . I saw NO POSTS from them condemning the human catastrophe , and impending suppression of women that will happen as Islamic Sharia Law .

12 year olds are being dragged out of their homes to be married off to 45 year old Taliban jehadis (who already have 3 wives). These babies will be made baby bearing factories. Women are being shot dead for not wearing Hijab , female journalists are being hunted , all jobs for women are being closed , schools being closed. BUT NO POST from ANTI CAA Zoya Akhtar, Nitya Mehra (the director of the oh no bad and super flop Baar Baar Dekho ) . SHAME SHAME SHAME.

These (insert every possible activism) ists , were OH SO VOCAL against CAA , which gives asylum to persecuted minorities , just like all Anti Taliban are scrambling for one. They held protests , dharnas, sang songs , etc. BUT eerie silence when Muslim Taliban are persecuting Muslims in Islamic Afghanistan and Muslims are desperately begging for help. DAMN . No posts , no videos , no dharnas, NOTHING? WHY? So much outpouring of love and support for Pakistanis Muslims (who rape , kill , forcibly convert Hindus, Sikhs , Christians ) but no care for Muslims who are begging for help to be freed and evacuated from Muslim Talibans ? WHAT AMAZING HYPOCRISY NOT.

NO Country, even Muslim ones are taking in Muslim Afghans as refugees.Turkey has built a 250 km wall to keep Afghan refugees out . DARE to call them Islamophobe , like you screamed at the top of your lungs during CAA ?

China , Russia, Pakistan, Turkey have all recognized the Taliban. How about dharma outside the embassy of these countries, or just a dharna against them, calling them out ? Of course, you will not. NO balls, no spine, no guts. CHEAP THIRD-CLASS HYPOCRITES.

No you all are neither feminists, activists, secularists, or any IST, you all are just CHEAP HYPOCRITES with no ethics , morals, integrity, spine, or righteousness. How do you even look at your face in the mirror knowing that you are such a bigoted , communal , Hinduphobic , racist , HYPOCRITE ? I would have died of guilt. But that’s you , shameless hypocrite , that’s your DNA.

LGTB will be killed by Taliban , but you will never talk about that right ?

Your brother Farhan Akhtar , who had issues with India giving asylum to persecuted Hindus, Sikhs, Xtians via CAA is now asking the world to give asylum to persecuted Aghan people. Wasn’t CAA just that?

So miss conditional feminists, secularists LGTB, ally, conditional callout fascism, oppression secular ladies, I wondered what would be your reaction to my post:-

  1. Call me a gaumutra drinking bhakt. (Yawwwwnnn)
  2. Call me a paid 2 rs IT cell troll (yawwwnn) .
  3. Say that , I don’t have to react to every post personally or write a statement about it . Oh dear you have to , to prove your secular credentials. . DAMN SO BIGOTED.
  4. Take me to court for writing this post . But then will that not go against the same Freedom of Expression that you WOKES battle for . I mean this is just a public opinion on your public opinions. If you can have public opinion and call out people for their public opinion , so can I right ? or is FoE a bastion only for the WOKES and lesser non wokes like me are treated like proleteriat in this burgeoise elite club? OOPS that would be so hypocritical yet AGAIN . Anyways if you want to take me to court , I will be more than willing to .

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