People of Delhi trust Arvind Kejriwal and elect him as Chief Minster of Delhi but since day one things has changed and sadly these changes is not good for people of Delhi. Most of the time people found AAP Leaders crying like a baby as they claimed central Govt not allowing them to take decisions for Delhi. But facts are always so far against their fake claims.

For your kind information, let me mention Delhi is capital of India and already has major facilities in each area even the nearest stages are feeling helpful for being in touch with Delhi because they’re also close to take those benefits such as Education, Medical Facilities and much more, Delhi is one of India’s most developed city and have all essential things for living humans that means being a Chief Minster of Delhi should be considered easier task as compared to other large states such as Uttar Pradesh, Panjab but Kejriwal’s political party always trying to hide this angel to fool innocent population of Delhi and has done “Zero” number of ground work.

Kejriwal’s “Free Scheme” of electricity and water is seems disaster more than help as today people are not even receiving drinking water when his Free Electricity Scheme is bringing down regulatory assets which means sooner or later it’ll take a bad turn, and I’m not sure who’ll take this responsibility maybe people of Delhi will suffer because of his stupid move.

Looks like his full focus is poor and backward people of Delhi, it might be a good political move for being in power because water and electricity is two major needs for lower middle class people and his pretending like his helping them but facts totally denying his fake political narratives.

He is flowing thousands of crores in advertising while taking credit of central Govt schemes and playing dirty political games that’s really bad for people of Delhi, He has already failed to control Covid-19 as we have seen in previous months. Kejriwal’s party leaders are involved in reportedly storing oxygen cylinders when people are dying because of oxygen shortage.

Lastly I pray to my God to save Delhi from Arvind Kejriwal and his Froud party.

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