Yogi Adityanath a true patriot he has been villainized by our media for being a hindu and wearing saffron.

Let me tell who are behind the defamation of yogi adityanath

  1. NDTV – Not directly to Congress, but several senior reporters of NDTV are either married to or are live-in partners of J&K based politicians (Hurriyat, NC etc) who were allies of the Congress party for a long time. Congress-led alliances with these parties have almost forever ruled J&K, Also, as the Nira Radia tapes showed, NDTV reporters have been beneficiaries of Congress’ largesse and ‘generosity’, where inside information and power trading was leaked as possible ‘exclusive stories’ to NDTV while the Congress-led UPA was in power. This shows how NDTV has been on Congress payroll for a long time, possibly stifling information of involvement of Congress leaders in corruption scams. If Subramanian Swamy had not blown the lid off of the 2G scam, after which other scams came tumbling down like dominoes, Congress would have gotten away with it indefinitely. This was how ‘responsible’ and ‘ethical’ their journalism is.
  2. WIRE – only one is is enough to tell you how the wire is ‘the wire is liar ‘ they have been lying to citizens for a long time, The wire has less credibility than that of a whore pressed for money.
  3. LIBERALS – for liberals in our country wearing a skull cap on head is ok but wearing saffron clothes makes you kattar hindu and people like dhruv rathee without any shame play with the data (he literary manipulate the real data) but the real problem is that our citizens gets easily manipulated by wrong data provided by them.
  4. BE OURSELVES – we are manipulated by media to believe that he is a bad person ,

my only advice to the citizen’s is that please don’t follow someone blindly

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