Money is being used for Delhi Riots Anti Hindu propaganda and legal help for Terrorists

Legal Rights Observatory has exposed the link

Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has exposed funding details of Harsh Mandar NGO. The details released by LRO are shocking and terrifying.

Harsh Mandar who present himself as face of civil rights in India is getting direct funda from ISI and also from churches and missionaries based in France and Netherlands. The money is being utilised to promote anti hindu propaganda an hatred for Modi Govt.

This money is also used in Anti Hindu Delhi Riots.

In their facebook post, LRO has shared their findings :

EXPOSE- Harsh Mander’s CEStudies received crores from French and Danish Catholics :

Oxfam’s CEO Amitabh Behar is treasurer of Mander’s NGO Centre for Equity Studies CEStudies , who was first to lash out at Amit Shah for FCRABill2020 bcoz his interests were going to be badly hit once FCRA is amended. Reports says Oxfam funds CES.

As FCRABill2020 was going to hit Amitabh Behar from 2 sides i.e. Oxfam India & CEStudies , he expressed anguish over FCRABill on twitter. Oxfam donor list shows, they are getting millions from suspicious sources from HongKong (may be Chinese money??) & Canada (#ISI??)

CES donor ComitĆ© Catholique Contre’s (CCFD-Terre solidaire) Wiki page says “It is The Catholic Committee against hunger and for development” but no evidences of HarshMander NGO working on hunger n development issued found. It’s core competency is Hinduphobia & #HateIndia

Another CES donor Action for Hope claims to be “Leading Pan- Arab Cultural Organization”, but We couldn’t locate/ establish role of Harsh Mander NGO in “Service of Independent Cultural Field”. Thus We can conclude that #ISI used the A4H Group to pump money for #DelhiRiots

legal rights observatory findings

US based Indian Muslims Relief & Charity n UK based Minority Rights Grop pumped money to Harsh Mander’s CES during peak anti CAA_NRC_Protests period, which frowns common Indians n motive of the donors n action of NGO on ground speaks lots seeing its role in #DelhiRiots

Colin Gonsalves’s HRLN & Harsh Mander’s CES have common donor like OakFoundation from UK and both are busy in rabid anti Hindu propaganda with aggressive Hinduphobic campaigns vis-a-vis CAA_NRC issues n since Gujarat riots 2002 to Pro Naxal campaigns active today

Mander knows well what he did during DelhiRiots2020 & anti CAA_NRC_Protests, he knows how he provoked radical Izlamist youth n shielded arsonists n rioters. Now fearing DelhiPolice would arrest him under UAPA, so this hurried but veiled confession of crime!

Moving again to OxfamIndia , UK based Barclays transferred near abt Rs 3.25 Cr to Oxfam during Apr to Jun2020, peak period of COVID19 lockdown and at the same time Mander Gang was busy in arranging legal/ logistical help to arrested Jihadis burning DelhiRiots; inquiry must.

It is important to note here that in the past also Harsh Mandar was seen openly working with ISI funded campaigns and organisations, for example, Harsh Mandar’s association with Justice Foundation. Harsh Mandar was working with Ghulam Nabi Fai who was later arrested by US authorities for working for ISI.

Harsh Mander’s association with this Justice Foundation is a potential breach of security at the upper echelons of India’s power structure, & compromises the credibility & integrity of the NAC is because theĀ organisationĀ has been found to be run by an American, namedĀ Ghulam Nabi Fai. The person [Fai] has since been arrested by the American authorities, though now out on bail, for acting on behalf of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, theĀ Inter Services Intelligence [ISI], taking orders from them to further its agenda in America, in a manner that contravenes U.S. laws.

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