Its been only 2 months since I’m writing but supporting stuffs related to FEMINISM from very long. Right back then when I started supporting it, I came across few posts or blogs which stated how FEMINISM and FEMINISTS are trying to dominate men and defaming them. I was a bit new to all these, so I dug more and discovered the terms: ‘PSEUDO FEMINISTS‘ and ‘MISANDRY‘.

Lemme give a clear definition to all these terms;

  • Feminism:-  Feminism is a range of  social movements, political movements and ideologies that aim to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.
  • Pseudo Feminism:-  A person that claims to be a feminist yet ignores the main point of feminism, equality. Pseudo-Feminists will tend to blather on about how terrible men are, or assume how men do not face social issues in regards to their gender.
  • Misandry:- Misandry is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys in general.

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From last 2 yrs I’ve seen a lot of people, not only men but women too, standing against FEMINISM, because they think FEMINISM is about hating men.


You just eavesdropped certain words and brag about it all over the internet. You dodge going through details. You restrain from searching those keywords. You malign FEMINISTS and find yourself cool. But, my dear friend, your half knowledge is spreading hatred and hoax.

Its the PSEUDO FEMINISTS who wants to dominate men and works differently from the principle of FEMINISM. MISANDRISTS are people who hate men. NOT FEMINISTS! Get this straight through your head.

And the girls those who feel proud to stand against FEMINISM, do you even understand that its because of these FEMINISTS you got ‘so highly-educated’, that now you are swanking against them. You got the right to stand for yourself because in past those FEMINISTS worked their ass off to give you a better today. And if you think your hate is more greater than these privileges than please burn up your degree, get married at 11 and about all the independence you are enjoying today.

Now would you please tell me which category you fall in. Definitely not FEMINISTS, because you completely hate them. Not PSEUDO FEMINISTS because you didn’t know exactly what it is. Not MISANDRISTS because you never knew any such thing ever existed (I guess). And now please don’t make some new ‘dumb-ass’ kinda categories for yourself . We have had plethora of ’em.

I know there are people who abuse men and call themselves FEMINISTS. But trust me, they ain’t the real one. So, its my humble request, please try to get complete information about anything before you list it out as brazen.

PS-; I think its the aftermath of watching PINK and THE DAY I BECAME A WOMAN over and over again. 

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