Why my blood boils after watching RAAES ?

While I was researching on the expose of Shah Rukh Khan and his wifey’s business association with 1SI agent Tony Ashai, I realised I have to watch RAAES as it is a biopic of 1SI sponsored terr0rist Abdul Latif. I wanted to know what they have shown about him in the movie. After watching it, I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Man how can you make a movie like that ? You must be the most shameless person on earth or a biggest traitor to show Abdul Latif like a golden hearted robin hood and messiah

Since I don’t watch SRK movies I never bothered to watch Raaes till yesterday.But I donno why no one raised any objection about that movie in social media. What was Right wing and this govt doing when some one makes a movie like that ? How can you allow such trash to brain wash indians in the name of art and cinema ?

Raaes (2017) is a Shah Rukh Khan starrer fictional biopic of mafi@ don Abdul Latif. It released on Republic Day. It was produced by Farhan Akhtar and Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri Khan. Man, RAAES is extreme variety of distorting history. Do you know it shows Godhra train incident. But the incident is shown as happening in UP where Hindus burn a train full of h@jj pilgrims and kill many peaceful women and children. Hindus burnt m@slim women and kids in a train ? Where in the world did this happen ? So you take Godhra, where 2000 strong murderous m@slim mob burnt a train and killed 57 people most of them women and children and then show it totally opposite. All in the name of freedom of expression and cinematic liberty.

Godhra happened in front of our eyes. All those who got convicted are m@slims. If you can show a recent incident like that,  Imagine what these people have done to Mughal history or history of 1slamic invasion. Iam sure one day they will show a movie where Hindu kings come from Africa to India and conquer 1slamic India, burn the mosques, built temples over them and enslave their women.

Now back to RAAES. After the train incident, r1ots happen in Gujarat and the Sanghi CM of Gujarat imposes curfew. So people have no food, Children have no milk, Old people have to no medicine. So what does Shah Rukh (RAAES) do ? He feeds the whole town with his own money. He sends food, medicines to every gully and Mohalla. His wifey (Played horribly by PAXTAAN actress Mahira Khan) specially says don’t forget to give food to Lakshmi Behenji’s family. And then they show how Hindu families take food and eat from RAAES gang members. Then when all of Raees savings get over in his charity, his assistant says we don’t have money so let us stop feeding Hindus and only feed m@slims. RAAES says no there is no hindu m@slim, all are same for me. So I will feed all.

Then the Sanghi CM wants to punish him further and so he confiscates the big town ship RAAES is building for poor people with his money. RAAES can’t bear the pain that poor people are losing homes (both Hindus and M@slim). So to fulfil their dreams he goes and takes money from Musa Bhai who asks him to smuggle gold from Qatar to Mumbai in return. So RAAES does it but Musa is in cahoots with Sanghis and gets RDX into India with the gold and Sanghis do b@mb blasts in Mumbai. But the blame comes on the head of RAAES. RAAES is very upset he indirectly got people killed and hence he goes to Musa and kills all his gang and surrenders to police. But the hindu police officer does an encounter and kills RAAES and hence no one knows it was RAAES (Abdul Latif) who saved the world. And we think he is a terr0rist

Now the real story of Abdul Latif

Abdul Latif was the one of the worst mafi@ turned terr0rist in crime history of India. He and D@wood were like two eyes of 1SI to spread terr0r in India. Infact he was the first person to smuggle army grade weapons and RDX into India from paxtaan. He spent 2 years in Paxtaan hiding from Indian police after Mumbai blasts. He started his life as bootlegger and p1mp in Gujarat. He controlled Bootlegging,Gambling and pr0stitution business in whole of Gujarat. He was so brutal that One fine day he killed all the members of his rival gang to take control of bootlegging business. It was first time in India a gangster used automatic weapons. The murders were so horrible that no one could identify one dead body from another, all the men had become a huge pile of meat. He had 264 cases on his name including 64 murders, other cases were r@pes, Drug smuggling, human trafficking and r1ots.

He was allegedly a very close associate of Scamgress CM ChimanbaiPatel, rigged elections and did political assassination for him. He was very famous for killing a Rajya Sabha member of scamgress to save CM chair of his boss. R1ots were an annual affair in Gujarat till 2002 when Modi became CM and entirely stopped it. Scamgress sponsored them during elections or to remove a CM or to win elections. And it was Abdul Latif who did it with his gang. He used to fund low income peacefuls with his crime money and was sort of robin hood for them and used them to do r1ots and crimes. And who suffered ? Hindus of Gujarat.

Infact even the traders and middle class Muslims hated him. 1SI identified Latif and D@wood to start drugs and terr0rism in India. So they were their blue eyed boys. They say Latif was more communal than D@wood. Latif was once put in jail and he won elections in all 5 Muncipal wards sitting in jail. All 5 wards were ghettos and peacefuls loved him and his crimes. In 1995 BJP won Gujarat on plank of terminating crime in Gujarat. And the Gujarat police put 2 years of effort to catch Abdul who was hiding in Delhi after coming back from Karachi. They put him in jail and then realised that our courts will never punish him as no One will ever give witness against him. So they encountered him. And they say Hindus celebrated his death like Diwali for days in Gujarat

After 2 decades of BJP rule in Gujarat Mafia and terr0rism are dead. There are no r1ots. 

But now coming back to the movie, Who other than ISI can change story of such a scumb@g and show him as great man ? Hence 1SI used SRK, Farhan Akhtar and made this movie to white wash the criminal history of Abdul Latif. All I have written is public knowledge. Didn’t SRK or Akhtars know this ?

Then how did they agree to do such a movie ?

Since Indians have amnesia for history. They saw this movie made it a huge hit and filled coffers of Bollywood. And then the woke liberals see such characters in the movies and think Peacefuls are so golden hearted and fall for them. That is how Bollywood brain washes Indian and creates Dhimmis who swear Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb and still vote for congress

PS – Let me give few more hints of 1SI agenda in SRK Movies.

  1. Main Hoon Na – It showed an hindu Indian army man who has become a terr0rist in the form of Villian Sunil Shetty. He doesn’t want AMAN KI ASHA with Paxtaan to succeed and hence kills people and blames Paxtaan . It was precursor to what happened after Malegoan blasts and Samjautha blasts which was allegedly done by 1SI. But the then Govt arrested Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya for these blasts and Scamgress came out with Saffron terr0r bogey and our great RaPPU went to complained to US that Saffron terr0r was biggest threat to world peace. Since people had already seen it in SRK movie they didn’t feel it was impossible and believed the story. That is how you prune the minds of the gullible Indians.
  2. CHAK DE INDIA – Sudhir Ranjan Negi who is an hindu on whose life the movie was based on, was shown as m@slim KABIR KHAN. And then Indians were shown as narrow minded bigots who doubt m0slims for every thing that happens with Paxtaan. While the fact was even though Negi was a hindu he faced lot of backlash for India’s loss to Paxtaan in Asiad and no one doubted integrity of M0slim players in the team. So Indians are not prejudiced towards m0slims and don’t consider everyone as paxtaan agent. But this movies wants to make M0slims believe they are victimised in India.

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