Final take away from Farm Bill by Modi Govt.

1) All accounts details of farmers achieved.
2) All land details of Farmers known,
3) Adhaties ( middlemen) exposed.
4) Fundings exposed.
5) Mandies system almost finished.
6) Direct transfer to Darmers accounts already done.
7) MSP already done for benefits of ACTUAL Farmers.
8) Tikait has been boycotted by Actual Farmers. He is no more hero like his father.
9) 90% Regulations of all Bills achieved without implementing bills.
10) Canada connection exposed.
11) Big shots of Khalistani funding from Canada identified / exposed / stopped in public domain.
12) Tikait can’t go back because he has taken huge amount from Canada and all weak parties like Congress, will be eliminated by them.
13) Vote bank increased manifold..
14) Now Tikait will try to come in UP that Yogi Ji will handle.

This withdrawal is done to primarily satisfy the Supreme COURT and politically to install a govt led by Shri AMARINDER SINGH IN PUNJAB. But another aspect to the Farm Laws withdrawal is as under.The Farmers who enjoyed/ received better prices for these 18 months for their produce will start now forcing the Government to reintroduce the Farm Laws and an agitation will take place all over India now. Ground work has already been done properly and accordingly.Tactical retreat by losing a small battle is the best strategy to win a great war in future. After reviewing the 5 State assembly elections results, and if is BETTER and in the favour of BJP, Farm Laws can be bought in again with the help of the agitating pro-farm-laws farmers, in another form, by having a discussion with them. S.C cannot object to this. So one major battle is over.

During last 18 months’ farm agitation, the Govt is able to identify/ pinpoint the whereabouts of the perpetrators ( residing outside India with foreign citizenship along with OVERSEAS CITIZENSHIP OF INDIA- OIC) their pattern of funding the 18 month old long agitation and their Indian benamus/ accomplices,etc,, by the NIA. A SERIOUS STEP IN THIS DIRECTION has been done by the GOI, one month back which went unnoticed by all of us.
The OCI is cancelled now by GOI for these Foreign-National-Indians and now they require VISA from the respective Indian Embassy before coming to India, after the cancellation of OCI for these foreign nationality Indians.

You would not know that these perpetrators in large numbers were denied visas during the last one month and now they cannot come to India any longer after the cancellation of their OCI. THIS is a major victory for the GOI and in the coming days only it’s effects will be felt, because these are the persons holding huge acres of land in India in benami names ( mostly in Punjab and Haryana).When they cannot come back to India, their land- holding will be eventually taken over by their benamis in India, because these perpetrators cannot come back to India who are mostly in Canada, U.S, U.K, NZ, and Australia.

They stand to loose a lot in future. Their threatening from THEIR foreign places will not work and with the help of an already existing legislation in force in India, these benami land will be confiscated by the GOI in future.The reason GOI allowed Farm Agitation to continue after 700 death of farmers (as per opposition) for 18 months, is precisely only for this reason of identifying these persons. GOI wanted time to identify these perpetrators mostly spread over in 5 to 6 countries and naturally it is a time consuming process.Now the GOI is well equipped to deal with these perpetrators.
The brain behind this venture is NIA CHIEF- AJIT DOVAL.

Credit : Jyotilaxmi Nambiar Kurup

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