Harsh Mander, the controversial self-righteous so-called human rights activist, ex-IAS Officer and ex-member of Sonia Gandhi’s kitchen cabinet, National Advisory Council (NAC) has now been booked for serious allegations of child sexual abuse in children homes run by his NGO.

Delhi Police registered an first information report (FIR) on Wednesday  against two care homes for children rung by an NGO managed by Harsh Mander after the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) reported a host of abuse and irregularities such as sexual abuse, using the children for anti-CAA protests, not providing them the right living conditions, Covid-19 norms violations, among others.

Complaints of gross irregularities was received by NCPCR headed by Priyank Kanoogo in September 2020 against two Delhi based Children’s home, Umeed Aman Homes for Boys and Khushi Rainbow Homes for Girls. While looking into the matter, the NCPCR head found that way back in 2012-2013 very serious complaints of sexual abuse were raised against the two shelter homes for children.

The NCPCR then conducted a detailed inquiry on the matter and submitted its report. The report mentions serious violations of the Juvenile Justice Act and other irregularities at two Children’s homes established by the Centre for Equity Studies (CES), an NGO co-founded by left activist Harsh Mander.

The Repubic TV reported that the Delhi police lodged an FIR against Harsh Mander at Mehrauli police station in Delhi. Mander is a former member of Sonia Gandhi’s all powerful policy making body during the UPA rule, National Advisory Council (NAC). Harsh Mander is also reported to be a member of an organisation links with Italian Secret Service and the Italian government.

The NCPCR had formed two teams led by its Chairperson, Priyank Kanoogo to carry out an inspection of the two Children homes namely Umeed Aman Home for Boys and Khushi Rainbow Home for Girls. The two homes were inspected on October 1, 2020.

The NCPCR had also taken cognisance of a complaint of child sexual abuse of Umeed Aman Home for Boys which is run by the Aman Biradari Trust founded by Mander.

Inspection Report On Child sexual abuse at boys’ home

The NCPCR’s inspection report found the prevalence of sexual abuse at the boys’ home. As reported by Republic TV, the Commission had noted, “The Commission is saddened by the deplorable condition of the children who are living in these Homes and the negligent and callous attitude of the management of these Homes towards the welfare of the children and the upkeep of the infrastructure of these Homes”.

The Commission report further noted that several instances of sexual abuse of children had taken place within the boys’ home in the years 2012, 2013 and 2016. The report also stated, “The Commission in a recent communication received information that the cases of sexual abuse are still prevalent in the Home and there is no reporting being done of the same. The non-reporting of such POCSO offences by the staff of the Home is a serious offence under POCSO Act, 2012 and also jeopardizes the welfare and well-being of children in this Home.”

The homes were also found to be run with children more than its capacity. Notably, when the sexual abuse cases came to light in 2012, 2013 and 2016 the management under whose ineptness such abuses were continuing was not sacked and neither was any proper inquiry undertaken by the NCPCR then to fix responsibility on the culprits and book them for their crimes.

Questionable Visits By Foreign Nationals To the Children’s Home for ‘voluntary service’

The Commission’s inspections reportedly found that the Home was frequently visited by foreign nationals who provided ‘voluntary services’ there.

The Commission stated that, “It is unclear to the Commission on what basis these foreign nationals were permitted to give voluntary services in these Homes and interact with children while their visit to India was for other purposes”.

Kanoongo said there were shortcomings in how the children at the home for boys were kept and the arrangements for their toilets and bathrooms despite several incidents of sexual abuse.

The NCPCR directed the Department of Women and Child Development of the Delhi government to take appropriate action against this institution to ensure strict compliance with the rules.

The Commission noted in the Inspection report that the institution did not have a child protection policy which made the children vulnerable to abuse and neglect. The Commission had recommended shifting the children from the Homes to ensure their safety.

Children From Homes Were Misused During Anti-CAA Protests

Notably, Harsh Mander, Prashanth Bhushan were one of the prime organisers of the anti-CAA protests in Shaheen Bagh from December 2019 to March 2020. The protest saw many children being misused by them in the jihadi-naxal plot to plunge the country in religious riots. Children were misused to mouth instructed dialogues like, ” I will grow up and kill Amit Shah”, “I will kill Modi”. When such instances were reported by the media the NCPCR head, Priyank Kanoongo sent instructions to all Zilla Magistrates in Delhi to ensure that children are not misused in immoral or illegal activities under the garb of anti-CAA protests.

Kanoongo stated in an interview to senior journalist Ashok Shrivatsav of Doordarshan that in September 2020, the NCPCR got complaint claiming that children from the homes run by activist Harsh Mander are being misused by taking them to protest sites and about the poor living conditions of the homes. The NCPCR investigated the matter and many shocking facts came to light which are recorded in its inspection report.

The NCPCR head, Priyank Kanoongo also mentioned that many foreign nationals visited the two aforementioned Children’s Homes to instruct the children in the homes what to say when and how to answer questions from the media during the protests. The NCPCR head noted that this was in gross violation of the children’s rights under POSCO and also would constitute abuse of Visa rules. The NCPCR head has therefore recommended an investigation by the Economic Offences Wing and the Ministry Of External Affairs on the issue.

Financial Violations By The Children’s Home, Recieving Funding From Islamic Relief

Notably, while the Delhi Government spends Rs.2000/- per month per child on the children housed in Childrens’ Homes in Delhi, including the ones in question in this article, the NCPCR investigated has found that Harsh Mander run Children Homes are funded by Canadian Embassy and even by Islamic Relief Worldwide.

Pertinently, Harsh Mander run NGO receives funding from Islamic Relief Worldwide which is linked with the global Islamic fundamentalist organisations like Muslim Brotherhood. Islamic Reflief Worldwide has been banned in Israel from 2014, for being a central player in funding terrorist organisation, Hamas. In 2016, HSBC bank decided to sever its ties with the Islamic Relief over concerns that, “cash meant for humanitarian aid could potentially end up with terrorist groups”.

The government of Bangladesh has also barred the Islamic Relief from aiding Rohingya Muslims in Cox’s Bazar, alleging that the funds are used to preach Islam, construct mosques, encourage radicalism and fund militants.

In 2019, the German government also stated that the Islamic Relief has significant personal ties with the Islamic Brotherhood. Moreover its director Heshmat Khalifa, resigned after The Times found that she had made anti-Semitic statements on her Facebook page.

But Harsh Mander does not mind receiving funds from such a dubious Islamist jihadi terror financing organisation like the Islamic Relief.

No wonder Harsh Mander has always propagated the cause of jihadi terrorists in Kashmir and also has close ties with Maoist front organisations and comrades like Kavita Krishnan, Nadini Sundar, etc. Notably, the Delhi Police had also booked Harsh Mander for provocative his speech at Jamia Milia Islamia on 16 Decmber 2019, which incited people against the Supreme Court and provoked them to violence.


The jihadi-Naxal face of fake human rights activists like Harsh Mander and fake news peddlers like Rajdeep Sardesai, Siddharth Vardarajan etc are being unmasked in public now and the authorities have also started to act on them by filing cases on them for inciting riots and gross legal violations in their personal dealings like letting sexual abuse continue in Children Homes run by them and poisoning their young tender minds against Indian nation, government, Hindus in general, inculcating violent tendencies and drawing them towards terrorism.

Sonia Gandhi’s kitchen cabinet who once were the most powerful people in this country are being made accountable for their illegal and seditious actions. Thus, they are now trying to activate their foreign handlers to bring international pressure on Modi government to save themselves from being legally proceeded against for their grossly illegal and irresponsible behaviour inciting anarchy in the country.

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News Source: FIR filed against Harsh Mander over sexual abuse at his children homes (opindia.com)


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