Today I wana tell you something about Flipkart.

On 5th March 2021 I was trying to order Realme 7i Smartphone using Flipkart. The price of the smartphone was 12999/- rupees. I was having 12749/- rupees in my Flipkart Wallet. I payed 12749/- rupees from Flipkart Wallet and 250/- rupees from my American Express Credit Card. As I placed my order Flipkart Auto Cancelled my order. I tried to place order again but again flipkart cancelled my order.

After then I contacted to Flipkart they suggested me to wait till 7th March and said me that till 7th March my issue will be resolved. I was not having any option so I decided to wait but on the next day 6th March 2021. I got a mail from Flipkart and I was totally shocked Flipkart Blocked my account in which i was having 12749/- rupees without any proper reason.

Resason they provide me for blocking my account

Again I contacted to flipkart and asked why they blocked my account they again told me “Products which I orders from Flipkart were not intended for my personal use that’s why they have blocked my account”. I asked them how did they know that products which I orders were not for my personal use… And if flipkart thinks product ordered by me was not for personal use then they should check my order history last order and almost every products which I ordered I provide my home address only. And i also said them if i have placed order for my relative, friends, family or anyone else flipkart has no right to tell me for whom I am placing my ordered product because I am paying to flipkart for the product Flipkart is not giving me the product in free and also flipkart has not mentioned in there policy. I said them if Flipkart allows me to use their platform for shopping i will use it but if flipkart do not allow me then also i have no problem but Flipkart should transfer my wallet balance to my bank account so that i can buy the product from different platform. After that they said they are fordwarding my concern but again on next day I got same mail for why they blocked my account.

When flipkart doesn’t helped me I tried to get help through YouTube and I found there same problem as like me many user are facing. Someone has lost 1000, 4500, 6500, 10000, 15000, 20000, 30000, etc someone recieved order but no products were not inside the box flipkart is also blocking accounts of new users who were requesting for replacement or refund after order. So I thought i should file a complaint in Consumer Helpline I filed complaint in Consumer Helpline but didn’t got proper response from them they were only fordwarding the mail which flipkart was providing them without understanding my concern. So I thought I should talk to people’s who have lost their money I should unite them and after having minimum 100 people we will all file case against Flipkart. Many people agreed so I created a telegram group so that we can contact each other and take action again flipkart. But after creating group not a single person joined group. So I also loosed my hope now to get my money back.

I only posted this news to make you all aware. I suggest you should not prefer to buy product from Flipkart mostly the costly products like smartphones, TV’s,etc. If there is something problem in the products you ordered and if you need refund or replacement there is 70% chances that flipkart will block your account and you will not be able to use your flipkart account and if there is balance in your flipkart wallet then it will be inaccessible. Neither they will refund or replace your product nor Flipkart Support or Consumer Helpline is going to help you.

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