Educated and sensible people will always choose India over anything and it has lots of reasons. The reason why I didn’t become a stone pelter or why I am not pro – Pakistan is because I love my country which has provided me shelter, my education and my job in New Delhi.

Also, the teachings my parents gave me, what I read about Islam and the life of the Prophet is completely opposite to what some of the Kashmiri Muslims are doing.
The Holy Prophet Muhammad’s life reflected this teaching. Despite enduring bitter persecution for more than 12 years in Mecca, the Holy Prophet Muhammad and his followers did not defy the Meccan government. Rather, the Muslims peacefully left Mecca, abstaining from sowing any seed of dissension, thereby exemplifying the Quranic teaching, “Create not disorder in the earth” (7:57).

True Islam teaches that Muslims are not only obligated to obey their government, they must also be grateful for the rights and freedoms their governments provide. Indeed, the Holy Quran reminds Muslims, that the reward of goodness is goodness. That no Muslim can take the law into his own hands. And that creating disorder and threatening the stability of a society is a path to damnation, not salvation.

According to me, the main problem in Kashmiris uneducation and unemployment. Moreover, for a person belonging to the middle class, life and its requirements are rather simple because it is largely about getting a good education and a better job to sustain their livelihood. Someone speaking against the Kashmir’s secession movement, supporter of Lashkar e Toiba, Hizbul Mujahideen, Al Qaeda and other armed groups fighting the India’s army in Kashmir would perhaps be given red carpet treatment. People would perhaps line up to see them. Perhaps they would be nominated for great awards.

Situation in Kashmir is exactly the opposite. Here, India is viewed as an occupational nation and the Indian army as the occupational force. Obviously in this scenario if someone sings the tunes of India, they might face uncomfortable situations as a result of this affiliation.

Of all 10 districts of Kashmir, only few are facing the brutality of terrorism. Many Kashmiris are pro-India as they know India is far better than the banana republic of Pakistan in each and every aspect. As the youth is joining the mainstream to escape the wrath of unemployment, they want opportunities to prove themselves. Recently, there were recruitment drives for several jobs in the state police and the Army which were attended by young boys and girls in large numbers and with gusto. They know their future lies with India which is on the path of development. But yes, there is an anti-India element. And people are also afraid of social boycott.

Coming back to the question in hand, that whether being a Pro India kashmiri in Kashmir is hard; yes, it’s very hard, and very rare.
Anyone who is pro-Indian or takes up jobs in security forces is immediately viewed as a traitor. While the former still has it easy, the latter is targeted by militants, stone peters and civilians. Kashmiris who enter the security forces are considered as people with no honor. What greater shame is there for anyone than to be insulted and disrespected by pretty much everyone of their brethren, behind their back or in front of them.

Perhaps this understanding and vision will change things for the better in the near future. It is a glimmer of hope that keeps the embers alive.


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