“They” had been after Rinku for a while. Rinku’s murder was not as in-the-moment as the media is falsely portraying. The Muslims in Rinku’s neighborhood hated him for the work he did for his religion.

Continuous heckling and harassment by these neighbors was the norm in Rinku’s neighborhood. Mohammad Nashruddin, MOhammad Islam, Mehtab, Jahid and Tajuddin were all familiar with Rinku’s work and were highly irked by his activities. News reports and interviews from neighbors show that Rinku was even slapped around by these inhumane goons, who later asked for apology fearing Rinku’s family would go to the Police.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

In fact, Rinku is said to have donated blood while his Muslim neighbors were in dire need, having thus fulfilled his dharma towards the community he resided in. However, these inbred goons did not care for the humanitarian acts showed by Rinku. They probably went on to plan his murder.

Premeditated murder?! Family spared.

The rivalry and hatred towards Rinku and family was ON. The media is wrongly covering up the planned murder of Rinku. Actually, the crowd gathered was even captured showing a gas tank-cylinder outside Rinku’s house as none of Rinku’s family was to be spared that night. The Muslim thugs planned to burn the whole Hindu family alive.

Corrupt Tajuddin and Lipi Singh – No Safe place for Hindus

Just like the corrupt elements in Bihar where demonic police officers such as Lipi Singh get promoted for murdering Hindus, Tajuddin is also a police guard in corrupt Delhi, where weasel Arvind Kejriwal is the sardar of Muslims under the AAP party.

In short, there is no safe place for Hindus given the rampant corruption and infiltration of jihadis and secular HINOS (Hindus-in-name-only) in the police force.

Jihadi Cancer in Indian Police Force

Minority scholarships and special provisions are to blame for the increasing jihadis in India’s police force and bureaucracy. These elements are SURE to undermine the Hindu majority, day after day, week after week, festival after festival. These forces are unchecked and the government at the Center seems to be ineffective while having contributed to this growing number of termites and related cancer they impose on Hindu society.

Today, we are all Rinku Sharma. Let us each do our part – whatever that may be – so that no more Rinkus get murdered by the likes of two-faced snakes Tajuddin and his thug gang under the protection of rakshas Kejriwal.


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