In a Emergency era style intimidation tactics, senior Congress leader and Health Minister of Rajasthan Government threatened to take strict action against Dainik Bhaskar journalists for exposing the gross wastage of Covid vaccines by the state administration.

Dainik Bhaskar ran a series of investigative reports exposing how doses of Covid vaccines are wasted in Rajasthan by dumping them in garbage bins and burying them underground.

It reported that over 2500 doses of vaccines were found dumped in garbage bins in several public hospitals across many districts in Rajasthan and scores of doses were found buried deep underground. Rajasthan has also wasted over 11.5 lakh doses of Covid vaccines amounting to over 7% of total wastage.

Congress Health Minister Raghu Sharma sent out an intimidating tweet stating, Appropriate action would be taken against journalists investigating without disclosing their true identities and writing misleading articles. Health department has also communicated to the management of Dainik Bhaskar to take appropriate actions against them”.

Thus the Congress Minister in the infamous 1975-77 style has promised to take action against the investigative journalists of Dainik Bhasker and also put pressure on the management of the news outlet to sack the journalists concerned or face action from the government.

Strangely, the Editors Guild Of India and the other star “journalists” who love to hate Modi, Yogi Adityanath and Amit Shah by calling them dictatorial, Fascist and authoritarians are completely silent about the open intimidation and attempt at muzzling of press freedom by Congress government so brazenly.

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