A grateful nation should tell the story of its brave and valorous soldiers who sacrifice their comfort, happiness and precious life itself so that we can work, eat, sleep and live in safety. One such illustrious son of our nation who gave supreme sacrifice of his life to Ma Bharati is Major Mohit Sharma.He was a Para Special Forces Officer killed in action in a military operation in Kupwara District of North Kashmir on March 21, 2009.

A brave son of Rohtak in Haryana where his tales of supreme bravery, extremely brilliant warfare techniques which mixed guile with valour is told even today with a sense of great pride. His real life as a soldier entails a captivating story which mirrors fictional stories of war movies where the protagonist soldier puts his life to utmost risk and penetrates the terrorists’ outfits in disguise, takes down the Kingpins in their own havens and escapes from enemy territory after a successful operation.

Here is the enthralling story of a covert operation undertook by him in 2004 which is retold several times over that inspires crores of Indians of all ages. Major Mohit Sharma’s story of undercover operation was reminisced on twitter recently which went viral is shown below.

Mohit sharma successfully infiltrated the Hizbul Mujhahideen in Sophian and established contact with two of its major commanders namely, Abu Torara and Abu Sabzar. In 2004, he went to them as Iftikhar Bhatt disguised with long hair and beard flowing down his neck wearing the traditional Kashmiri Pheran looking like a local lad to easily blend in to the terrorist organisation.

To sound very convincing he told them a sob story of his brother being killed by the army in 2001 and he wanting to seek revenge with their help. Major Sharma informed them that he wanted to carry out a terror attack at an army check point and he has done the necessary groundwork for that.

He showed them hand drawn maps of army movement in an unknown hill trail, which “moderately impressed” Torara and Sabzar. To convince them further about his motivation he told them, “I need your support, I want to learn”. The two Hizbul commanders had been running a recruitment programme in South Kashmir and wanted to know more about him. Torara kept asking him on several occasions about his identity and background.

The terrorist commanders decided to help him to execute his plans. The Hizbul terrorists told him they would go underground for several weeks and help in coordinating the logistics and finer points of the attack. Mohit Sharm told them that he would not return to the village till he had struck the army checkpoint. Soon, Torara and Sabzar arranged for him a consignment of grenades and also summoned other terrorists from nearby villages.

Later when Torara began having second thoughts, Mohit very bravely and confidently told him “If you have any doubts about me kill me”. While dropping his AK 47 to the ground. He said, “You cannot do this if you do not trust me. So you will have to kill me now.” Mohit stepped back a bit and the duo were caught by surprise and looked at each other, Mohit seized the moment, took out his Tokarev 9mm-loaded pistol and shot them dead even before they could realise what had hit them.

The Para Special Officer, having completed his operation, took all the ammunition gathered by the Hizbul commanders and went to the nearest army camp.

Mohit Sharma, laid down his life in a search and cordon operation five years later in 2009 in Kupwara district. During the gun-fight in Haprudha forest, Major Sharma killed two terrorists in close combat and rescued his colleagues before he was hit on the chest with a bullet which he succumbed to later. But even as he was injured very critically he kept giving commands and directions to his men and his last words to second in command was “Do not let anyone escape, take them all out”.

Notably, in 2019, Delhi Metro Corporation renamed the Rajender Nagar Metro Station as “Major Mohit Sharma” (Rajendra Nagar) Metro Station.

The story of this brave and exemplary son of Ma Bharati is also mentioned in a book written by Siv Aroor and Rahul Singh titled, “India’s Most Fearless 2”.
This story of the brave, fearless and brilliant young man Major Mohit Sharma would be told from generation to generation like the story of the indomitable Major Shaitan Singh the hero of Rezang La to inspire many future generations to serve the country with their blood and valour.

A grateful nation should pay tribute and homage to these valiant sons who put their service to the motherland over their own personal ties with their families. It is also the duty of a grateful nation to attend to all the needs of the families of these brave sons of our motherland so that their Atmas can remain in peace.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Source material for this article: When Major Mohit Sharma infiltrated Hizbul Mujahideen and killed two terrorists (opindia.com)

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