Author of “Born a Muslim”, Ghazala Wahab has appeared in podcast of “The Wire” where she said “UP has seen occasional violence in the past, but what is different now is that the state is leading it. This is a unique phenomena”. The Wire as everyone knows never resists from showing its Anti Hindu stance.

Ghazala Wahab is known for her Islamist views and for her hate for Hindus. But sadly Hypocrisy here died thousand times because she was the one who marked Taliban as “Legitimate Stakeholders” in Afghanistan and also opposed the use of word “terrorist” for Taliban and proposed the term “insurgents” for them.

It’s always amusing to see terrorism sympathizers falsely accusing Uttar Pradesh Government under Yogi Adityanath of leading violence. Publications like “The Wire” and “The Print” provides a heaven for this terrorism sympathisers to keep their views and whitewash the crimes of Islamists and spread their hateful propaganda against Hindus.

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