The Vishva Hindu Parishad lauded the Kolkata High court decision paving way for the CBI and NIA investigation in the matter of the Kaliachak conversion row. Along with that Shri Amiya Kumar Sarkar, the Vishva Hindu Parishad East zone secretary demands the state pass a strong anti-conversion bill to combat jihadi savagery and illegal proselytization of Hindus.

Sarkar stated that the state administration has gone too far in terms of comedy. And the traditional society has lost faith in the Babu of the state’s administrative department. If this demand is not met the Vishva Hindu Parishad will take the necessary steps to launch the mass movement across the state.

On Thursday the high court ruled in the Kaliachak conversion case stating that the two Central agencies will be in charge of the investigation of the Kaliachak conversion case.

According to the plaintiffs’ counsel advocate, Anindya Sundar Das two people were missing from Kale Chak Malda who were masons by occupation. This is one of the several instances in the state that has been referred to the Central Bureau of investigation in addition the National investigation agency has been tasked with investigating the same occurrence.

The presence of jihadis in Malda Kalia Chak has been accused of coercive conversion there have been planes where explosives were used in the incident as a result CBI and NIA have been tasked with conducting a joint investigation into the occurrence. Ananya Sundar Das the plaintiff’s attorney also stated that two manuals forcibly converted the IC of the Kaliachak police station essay to assist in the event as a result both the CBI and NIA will conduct thorough investigations the into the occurrence and both agencies will submit their findings to the High court.

Earlier, Sukanta Majumdar, the BJP’s state president, posted photos of people demonstrating on Monday, alleging that the inspector in charge of the Kaliachak police station in Malda was pressuring Hindu families to alter their faith.

Two families reportedly approached the police 18 months ago, complaining that two of their relatives had been pressured to convert. A magistrate took the two men’s statements when police took up the case. According to the authorities, the couple told the court that they willingly converted to Islam. On June 21 the matter will be heard again before the High court.

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