Mausoleums – big mausoleums, the largest in the world – have been built across India.

Some of these mausoleums are declared as ‘World Heritage’ sites by UNESCO. These monuments are situated in the big cities of India, e.g. – Agra, Ahmadabad and the Capital ‘Delhi’ itself. They attempt to convey history in a concrete form; the power and vision of one group to dominate over the other, thinking that their community has ruled India for quite a few centuries in medieval era.

They pay tribute to the Invaders to this land.

The capital of a secular nation is filled with Islamic structures, they are everywhere. Capital does not represent the country’s diversity at all. It seems like Delhi is still the capital of Mughals.

As a citizen of India, I see these monuments as the symbol of Civilizational Slavery. For all the Hindus who are concerned about the tyranny faced by their ancestors, these monuments send an ominous message about their status in today’s world.

Rising Islamic Separatism  

These mammoth Islamic structures are the reason of Muslims being in the state of Religious Supremacy.

India is a constitutionally multicultural country with the world’s largest population of Muslims (officially second largest) – comprising over 200 million Muslims. Approximately 75 percent of India’s population are Hindus, yet Indian government spends its treasures generally on maintaining Islamic structures.

Hindus are told to be secular because it’s their motherland but they are also told to accept the special rights and treatments of Muslims in the name of welfare of Minorities.

India has five other religious minorities but they are not given any attention as if they don’t need representation. In fact all the ministers of the unreasonable ministry of minority affairs have been Muslims since its formation.

All this leads to the moral inferiority in Hindus who have been denied equal rights in the constitution. State policies also betray Hindus by launching schemes especially for Muslims.

This special treatment of Muslims by so called secular governments leads us into a state where Muslims think – all the resources are for them only. And if Hindus demand equal treatment, they see this as something against them.

Well, this very notion was used as the justification of exodus of Kashmiri Pandits by Ex-NDTV reporter Barkha Dutt.

She had said that Hindus had occupied the government jobs in Kashmir, that’s why Muslims picked up guns to kick them out of the valley.

This narrative is being built very desperately since 2014 by communists, to mobilise Muslims against Hindus.

This can lead to another situation like that. The separatism in Muslims by this narrative is increasing. I don’t know what will happen if this isn’t stopped.

Muslims target Hindu Girls – Love Jihaad

The left-liberal gang of India romanticizes the incidents when Muslim men cajole Hindu girls.

These mausoleums, made by Islamic rulers are hold as pioneer of Love. Tajmahal is presented to youth as a symbol of love, while it isn’t. This way these monuments help Muslim guys in proselytizing Hindu girls.

Left-librals are self proclaimed messiah of Hindu-Muslim unity. They portray these incidents merely as interreligious marriages/affairs. But there are countless such incidents when Muslim guy allures a Hindu girl into relationship by introducing himself as a Hindu.

After marriage or when girls get to know their true identity, they beat them and threaten them to kill for not converting to Islam.

Islam has a very straight policy regarding this.

Quran 2.221 says – “Do not marry polytheistic women until they believe. And a believing slave woman is better that a polytheist, even though she might please you”.

Abduction of girls destroys the families of Hindus.

Fears of Religious Majority Hindus

In the context of Civilizational Existence, Hindus are under threat in this multi-religious country.

In Kolkata, TMC govt has inaugurated a Hajj House for Muslims worth 100Crore rupees. Similar is being done in Ghaziabad, UP with an amount of 51Crore rupees. This money is the taxpayers’ money, which governments are spending to lure Muslims.

In contrast, Hindus are not given any kind of assistance for their pilgrimages. Temples are taxed. The money offered by devotees into the temple, govt loots that.

There have been several terrorist attacks on India, just because Hindus want to take back their temples, which were demolished by Islamic invaders. Irony is that the mausoleums of those invaders are portrayed as symbol of love by leftist historians. Huhh…

The 1993 Mumbai bombings, burning 59 devotees alive inside a train in 2002, bombing in Ayodhya in 2005; all this was done in retaliation. Muslims consider Hindus as their slaves(in their minds) because they think their community person have ruled over India for a very long time, how can Hindus be given air to live; how the hell India is not under their control.

And these mausoleums are the inspiration of them. Inspiration for the Islamisation of India – Ghazwa-i-hind.

As latest as in august 2020, a Muslim Terrorist Yusuf was arrested in Delhi who was planning to blow up the under construction Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

This is the level of their hate.

Religious institutions of Hindus are under threat and without them the religion can’t survive.

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