Islam, Evangelism and Communism – these ideologies are suffering each other around the world, are responsible for millions of deaths globally but are unconditionally working together in Bharat towards destroying the oldest living civilization on Earth.

Time for Bharatiyas to save the motherland from further suffering, by first identifying these ideologies so to as to put a check and then collectively resist their anti-national activities.


Right from the 8th century, Islamists fiercely tried to enter Bharat (as Mughals, Turks etc) with repeated failures, were defeated by Hindu Armies then every time and eventually succeeded after which they did forceful conversion to Islam of hapless Hindus & unleashed terror by continuous killings, rapes, destruction of Hindu temples and building mosque over it, enslaving women/children won as bounties in deceitful attacks on various peaceful kingdoms.

Honor Killings: Bharat’s struggle with Islamic invaders

The history of Islamic invasion of Bharat is full of cruelty, barbarism, deceit, terror unleashed by the power and lust hungry invaders in total adherence to the hateful and violent actions against kafirs (non-believers) as prescribed in the verses of Quran (the holy book of Islam) – with rewards of upto 72 virgins in the afterlife ‘jannat’ (heaven in arabic) for believers. Non-believers anyway go to hell irrespective of positive contributions towards humanity throughout his/her life. Islamists did lot of justice to the Islamic teachings prescribed here for the Hindu kafirs!

An excerpt from an authentic source pretty much covers it all!

The advent of Islam in Sindh starts with the attack on Debal, near Karachi in 712 CE by Muhammad Bin Qasim. This was a coastal town near modern Karachi. When Debal was sacked by this barbarian’s forces, all men aged 17 and above were killed without compunctions irrespective of whether or not these men were combatants. The women and children were all enslaved. 700 women that had taken shelter in a temple were captured and enslaved. Of the booty obtained by sacking Debal, Muhammad dispatched 1/5th to Hajaj (including 75 damsels) and the remaining booty was distributed to the soldiers.

Cambridge History of India, III, 3 and Chach Nama by Kàzí Ismáíl . He was a close confidante of Muhammad Bin Qasim & documented the conquest of Sind. (English translation by Kalichbeg Fredunbeg)
Raja Dahir’s sister Bai collected all the women in the fort (of Rawar) and addressed them thus: ‘It is certain that we cannot escape the clutches of these Chandals and cow-eaters… As there is no hope of safety and liberty, let us collect fire-wood and cotton and oil (and) burn ourselves to ashes, and thus quickly meet our husbands (in the next world). Whoever is inclined to go and ask mercy of the enemy, let her go… But all of them were of one mind, and so they entered a house and set fire to it, and were soon burnt to ashes.” This practice came to be known as Jauhar (jova har, taking of life) or Sati (in south India), for those hapless but valiant women that chose to die instead of being consumed by the Islamic invaders.

As per Islamic hadees (traditions/sayings of Prophet Mohammed), Islamist in Indian subcontinent (including Pakistan, Bangladesh) are never supposed to rest until the entire Hindustan is converted to Islam! This project is called Ghazwa-E-Hind. No wonder, the recent anti-CAA riots exposed this facet as well. Though mankind has evolved a lot and grown over their totalitarian religions (e.g. many youngsters in the West have left Christianity/Islam), the teachings of Islam restricts its followers to align with humanity. Evidently higher the dosage of Islam, lower is the degree of social harmony in that society due to its intolerance towards anything non-Islamic.

If one goes through the violent verses in Quran, the history of Islam, the history of Prophet Mohammed, it becomes quite obvious that Islam is an ideology to conquer the world.


Then came the Evangelists from The Great Britain with a mask of East India Company in the early 17th century. With utter chaos of Hindus surviving Islamic onslaught going on everywhere, gradually this cult deceivingly took charge of many kingdoms with the help of it’s British Army and took over the reigns of power across the nation to a full fledged colonial rule in the 18th century right under the nose of the Hindus and the Muslim rulers. The Britishers continued to play their cunning games of unholy alliance with Kings against other Kings to defeat and conquer more and more provinces all over Bharat. During the divide and rule policies it applied, the Britishers ensured that the only way Hindus can be tamed and its culture destroyed is by denigrating its ancient teachings of wisdom of the Vedas and Dharma shastras (spiritual texts with Sanskrit as primary language) and replacing it by it’s English education system – which still continues.

The British East India Company

So much so that even after the Britishers officially left Bharat in 1947 granting independence; the education system continues to ensure that a highly literate Indian is the one who is trained in English, speaks fluent English.

The Evangelists though left officially ensured that it continues to attack Bharat’s ancient civilization their offshore political party called the Indian National Congress, or simply Congress by allowing to function thousands of Christian missionaries in the form of NGOs (non-government organizations) which still gets funded from the Vatican for converting the entire nation by deceit, fraud practices, targeting poor and innocent Hindus with hatred towards Bharatiya culture as a base. That way these missionaries produce lot of anti Hindus and hence anti Bharat beings.

These missionaries over a period of time with the backing of anti-Hindu governments and corrupt officials have in the process also trapped & jailed Hindu Saints into fake cases & even killed any Dharmic who became hurdle in their conversion process. The detailed activities can be found here – one of them is the recent infamous lynching of Sadhus in Palghar by converts. Also one should be aware of the ongoing Joshua project mentioned here.

Both the above cults – Islam and Evangelists – during that time made sure that Bharat broke into islamic Pakistan and a secular India with strong support from their local core team members like Jawaharlal Nehru and MK Gandhi. The real nationalists like Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and many others were sidelined. It is pertinent to note that more than 80% Muslims voted for a separate Islamic nation that is today’s Pakistan (and Bangladesh). Islamists continued to stay in Bharat in spite of them getting their own countries; and also the fact that highly tolerant and forgiving Hindus – who always followed ‘live and let live’ policies – allowed this with the hope that humanity will thrive over religion. Moreover, Dharma teaches वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम, i.e. world is one family, thereby allowing and embracing human beings from all over the world and that it why Hindus never invaded other countries to conquer.


Communism/Socialism Symbols

Communism (an extreme form of Socialism) is another totalitarian ideology that is anti-religion and prescribes anti-democracy (anti-government) regime to achieve an enforced balance between the rich and the poor by taxing the rich.

Basically Hindus by and large continue to get deluded by the anti-Hindu forces by allowing one single Nehru family to fill its coffers, keeping the country status as just a meager survival level developing nation.

The Congress – the offshore political team of the Evangelists – which ruled 90% of the time since independence always welcomed anti-Hindu entities and ideologies to prosper in Bharat for obvious reasons of creating Hinduphobic atmosphere and processes so as to ease mass movement of people away from Dharmic traditions and values. Apart from appeasement of Islam, allowance of Christian missionaries to exploit poverty into conversion activities, the Congress continued to apply its divide and rule policies on the Hindus in the name of castes, minority commissions; induced and encouraged teachings of Carl Marx, Leningrad to brainwash the youths towards communists ideology.

A simple case in point is this news article that sums up the real scenario the depth of penetration of communists (also known as urban naxals) and their nexus with the Congress and anti-Hindu political parties.

China – once a Buddhist nation, is currently ruled by Communism by name CCP (Chinese Communist Party), openly supports Pakistan against Bharat, and has direct links with the Congress party (for anti-Bharat activities) and is already playing a BIG game by unleashing BIO-WAR onto the world by manufacturing and releasing coronavirus in a strategic manner to destabilize democratic nationalist establishments in the USA and India. China succeeded in eliminating Trump by its communist agents who work in top ranks including senate/judicial posts and mainstream media like CNN, Washington Post, NYTimes etc via rigged elections.

Now target is Modi.

So Communist China is ruling the roost in the USA and controls the global narrative, which is pro-Jihadi, anti-nationalist (supported by George Soros) colluding with Congress and their agents in India to destabilize our nationalist Govt!

It should be noted that Kerala has been ruled by CPI (Communist Party of India) for long and no wonder it is about to become a full majority Muslim State requesting for a separate Islamic Sharia Laws.

Venezuela is classic example of how communists destroy an innocent nation when the leaders get brainwashed by its ideology.

Sleeping Hindus

Though Hindus had their own share of issues (due to moving away from Dharmic teachings) like caste based hateful discrimination, fraud religious practices – they were used by the above entities to link it with Hindu ‘ism’ to denigrate it so as to break the fabric of the nation.

So much so, that many Hindus as still ashamed to call themselves Hindus publicly. Hinduism is all about Dharma and this article explains why the word ‘ism’ is not applicable to Dharma making Hinduism an oxymoron.

Yet, if Hindus continue to be in deep slumber in spite of the known history of the bloodbath these ideologies have inflicted on mankind, the situation will worsen to an extent of another chaos with keys in the hands of islamists – as they have fully grown in numbers to outnumber the parliament presence in the very near future.

All the above bodies – known as leftists or liberals (who oppose the idea of nationalism for obvious reasons) are capable of exploiting democracy, religious freedom to break the democracy, break the ancient Hindu civilization, break the Indian Constitution to be replaced by the Islamic Sharia Law – if the Hindu society do not come together and unite against this big conspiracy as the State and Central governments alone cannot suppress these due to loopholes in the Constitutional Articles and Laws. Note that all these anti-Hindu entities unilaterally, blindly vote in block to anti-Hindu parties, whereas normal Hindus with no agenda

Stockholm Syndrome

The converts in Bharat are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome – i.e. they get brainwashed in their respective totalitarian ideologies for the superiority complex and after-life securities it provides/promises (simply by membership & not by deeds) without realizing that it’s the same ideology that enslaved, raped, mass murdered and converted their own ancestors by force or deceit into their ideologies that they are blindly following!

Long Term Solution

Ignorance of these facts & entities is dangerous. So ask ‘what can i do?’, educate yourself, awaken your friends/family/near/dear ones, join social media and participate in discussions to know or share so that there is a social awareness and direction towards greater good. Know that there is nothing greater than humanity, justice and respect for nature – and leftists always end up in ridiculing these precious principles which are very essential in our lives.

If everyone participates in this global movement against this triad, then only there is a possibility of our future generation living in harmony.

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