Culturally, bringing girls into slavery, and to be used for everything from household chores to fulfillment of carnal needs, has been a norm in the Ilamic society.  The folklore of Ottoman Empire is filled with stories about how girls born into slavery are uptraded to a master who can offer a better price for her.  The long term inclusion of slave girls in the society did unsurpassable damage to how men in general looked at women.  Men became used to the sorts of relationships with women through which they became, by definition, masters. The result was a blurring of the categories of woman and slave. The easy access to slave concubines not only changed men’s perception of women, it had a negative impact on women’s morals as well. The insecure life in a harem led to rivalry between wives and concubines as well as a certain amount of falsehood and manipulation.  Polygyny and concubinage were equally to blamed to make the women of harems and in households more insecure.  The system of concubinage permeated the elites as well as the middle class as well, as people in general were also carrying out the practice of taking slave women as sexual partners. In fact, concubines were owned by Islamic scholars too.  It will be entirely correct to assume that the sexual customs of high society came to have an impact on how women are generally treated in the modern era.  Fatima Mernessi, a scholar for the western audience, defines this phenomena in her own words

The models of hierarchical relationships that the Qur’an imprints in the deepest zones of the Muslim personality would not have retained such influence in the twentieth century had it not been for the expansion of a legendary Muslim empire that allowed sexual inequality to assert itself and to spread through the phenomenon of the concubine

The impact of these societal norms is centuries old, and has trickled down through generations.  This aided by clear mentions in the scripture about how the believing man is free to use all women which “the right hand posseses”, as well as the practices of believers in early Islam, has formated certain behaviour patterns in Muslim men.  This moral and ethical degenration of the Muslim society is enhanced by being taught how they are in Dar ul Harb, that they have the opportunity to slowly convert it into Dar ul Islam, how they are living in Britain under a Kafir government which is something which eventually they will have to convert, as their religious duty.  Things have got so bad that young member of the family are coached to take advantage of white girls from older male relatives.  Gangs which have been arrested almost always have a few people who were carrying out these vile acts in their 40s and even 50s.

One example of this moral degeneration was brought to light in 2017, by a victim who saw a documentary abuot grooming, and realised that even after more than a decade has passed, she could still find justice for the multiple times she was raped as a teenager.  According to a news report from last week, 3 brothers of Pakistani origin were sentenced to a total of 60 years in prison in Dewsbury, (West Midlands), UK.  The charges on Zafar, Ansar and Mohammad Jabbar included a catalogue of sickening sex offences following a trial at the Leeds Court. Zafar was found guilty of six counts of rape, three counts of aiding and abetting rape and five counts of indecent assault, against three victims.  Ansar was found guilty of four counts of rape and attempted indecent assault against two victims and Mohammed was found guilty of two counts of rape against one victim.  These crimes were committed in the late 90s and early 2000s, when the criminals were in their 20s.  Zafar was the older brother, who instigated Muhammad to follow in his foot steps.  The victims were girls between the ages of 13 and 15.

The total abolition of slavery is a reprehensible innovation and contrary to the Quran and the practice of early Muslims.  Modern world has brought in laws to discontinue slavery, however, the staunch followers have twisted the concept and pushed it into another direction. The infamous stance by the ISIL on the matter: ‘The revival (of) slavery before the Hour,’ (of Judgement Day),  claimed that Yazidi (or any Kuffar) women can be taken captive and forced to become sex slaves or concubines under Islamic law, ” One should remember that enslaving the families of the kuffar — the infidels — and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shariah, or Islamic law.  It is under these very guidances, that the sexual grooming of non Muslim girls will always remain relevant among them men from this community.

Reference: Concubines and Courtesans – Women and Slavery in Islamic History ~ Mathew S Gordon

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