Posting stories on Instagram, writing a couple of tweets or forwarding whatsapp messages are not the things which a society does when it is facing existential crisis. But Hindus are built different, they live in their self created bubble where they think speaking some lit fest or condemning a crime will eliminate the dark clouds of Izlamism.


Kanhaiya Lal and Mahsa Amini both made supreme sacrifice and gave a reason to their communities to finally wake up from deep slumber and fight the tall, muscular enemy named ‘Izlamism’ who is standing in front of us with his axe to slaughter but unfortunately Mahsa Amini succeed in waking up her community but the sacrifice of Kanhaiya Lal did little good. It’s not Kanhaiya Lal who needs to be blamed but it is Hindus could not turn the sacrifice of Kanhaiya Lal into a revolution against Izlamism like Iranian women are doing with the sacrifice of Mahsa Amini.


Iran is turning back to Pre-Islamic times. 5 years back no one would have imagined that one day young women will come out in the streets with hijab in their hands and will burn the symbol of Islamism in broad daylight !! The death of Mahsa Amini has brought a revolution strong enough to shake the bastion of Islamic republic. Hope the people of Iran protesting against Islamic rule will also remember about justice and rights Parsis deserve to whom the land originally belongs.


Iran is witnessing a revolution started by women. Women have taken to the streets. Despite the strict law of wearing hijab in Iran, women are protesting by taking off the hijab and burning the hijab in many public places. Also some women are cutting their hair in protest. The death of Mahsa Amini, rose a spark that turned into fire that caught many cities of Iran. The protest is increasingly gaining attention from all over the world. Famous celebrities like J.K. Rowling have tweeted on this issue and expressed solidarity with anti-hijab protestors.


There was a spark which was building in Iran for few years and finally the spark turned into fire after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. It. 22-year-old Mehsa Amini was arrested by the police on 13 September for not wearing a hijab. She went into a coma after being beaten by the police and three days later Mehsa Amini died. After this incident, women started a ‘No to Hijab’ campaign to protest against the fanaticism that makes hijab compulsary.



On the other hand Kanhaiya Lal a tailore who was 47 years of age was brutally murdered at his shop in Maldas Street in Udaipur on 28th June .The victim was killed as he reportedly had shared a social media post in support of Nupur Sharma– former BJP leader who had made controversial remarks against Prophet of Muslims. In reaction to this Hindus wrote tweets condemning the murder, shared messages to not let this incident create a hole in the non existing Bhaichara and ‘Kadi Ninda’ offcourse.





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