Leftist loonies in India and around the world have been extremely unhappy with the long tenure and shinning future of Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister – Yogi Adityanath. Why is this so?

Yogi ji is a force to be reckoned with. He is a dharmic monk and a politician. Uttar Pradesh’s (UP) population within the state is so big that stand alone it could be the world’s 7th or 8th most populous country. According to recent estimates, about 240 million people reside in UP. UP is India’s most populous state and it is extremely important to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs as many gurus, saints and avatars have lived and walked the fertile land of UP.

Chief Minister Yogi ji is not only a public servant but he also serves as a head priest of the Gorakhnath Math – a Hindu temple located in the town of Gorakhpur, UP. Yogi ji is often seen as a no-nonsense guy and therefore many people absolutely hate his guts.

Yogi ji began his career in the Indian Parliament at the age of 26 and has continued to serve his constituency since. Though he was not part of the BJP umbrella at one point, he is very much aligned with the pro-Hindu, aka pro-Bharat vision.

He has a no-tolerance attitude towards terrorism and is known to act swiftly and decisively on issues which affect communal harmony and dharma in UP. In a place where jurisprudence is still run like it was during the British Raj, CM Yogi ji is in the habit of delivering justice in real time. For example, Yogi ji has been known to make excellent use of modern technology to catch perpetrators who are responsible for damaging public property and setting fires around town. He does not hesitate one bit to recover financial damages from the families of the accused.

This no-nonsense, no tolerance attitude has the leftist loonies and their Communist and Islamic Jihadist masters soiling their chaddis. Yogi ji is often seen to be even more strict than Modi ji and thus is always on the lefitist mafia hit-list.

The Hathras case is one such recent instance. International monies will keep being poured in to continuously create disharmony in UP, thereby attempting to show Yogi ji as being inept. However, Yogi ji is very much aware of the conspiracy which is being carried out in the name of “_______ (fill in the blank) Lives Matter” movements.

Yogi ji is blessed by the divine and cannot be deterred by cockroaches and their vile agendas. Anti-Bharat elements believe that if they can destabilize India’s biggest state and dethrone Yogi ji they can open up India to Jihadi rapists and Chinese looters.

It is clear that if UP succeeds, Bharat succeeds. UP is the base of dharma and Yogi ji is more than ready and equipped to defend not just his state but Bharatvarsha during his bring, political future.

Jai Sri Ram!

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