Jihadists regularly kill the BJP sarpanches and workers in Kashmir. The top BJP leadership shows a sere cold concern. When Jihadists in Kashmir celebrate the deaths of terrorists, the top brass of BJP does not even gather for their workers’ last rights. The same response follows for BJP workers being targeted and murdered in other states such as Bengal and Kerala. 

The house of Kangana Ranavat was vandalized in Mumbai, and BJP Mahila Morcha and other workers give a cold response on social media, instead of protests on the road for the justice. This follows one or two cold comments from former BJP Maharastra chief minister. The same goes for the Palghar Sadhus lynching case. 

The media gets funds from foreign countries for creating riots in Delhi. They openly defend the Jihadists and Tukde gang, and the BJP IT and broadcasting minister shows no concern over these helm of affairs. The same left mainstream media and Bollywood makes anti Hinduism movies and news programs, and despite significant proof, the BJP IT&B minister remains silent on these issues as well. 

The left and jihadi mainstream media and social media handles and websites frame false rape cases in UP. Again, the top brass gives a cold concern. The most active person who should have been visible in all these IT&B affairs remains invisible. 

The rape cases in Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, New Delhi are alarming. Still, the opposition party in these states, BJP, gives a cold response for rape victims’ justice. Vasundhara Raje, the former Rajasthan CM, has responded after four days of continuous rise in rape cases in Rajasthan.

This all shows how ignorant BJP has become in the last few years. When Shaheen Bagh protests were going on, and Delhi was suffering, all the BJP leaders across the country remained ignorant and passive accept Kapil Mishra. Kapil Mishra, who dared to take the affairs being cleared and end Delhi’s suffering, kept hostage by the Jihadi and leftist groups.

This is the information age. The left and Jihadi media understand this very well and bank on information mediums for their propaganda. Still, we can not see the IT&B minister Mr. Prakash Jawdekar taking any action on the press, and the media found guilty of framing the false and antinational narratives. One such case is of NDTV. They are very much suspected guilty in one money laundering case, and despite the strong recommendations, the CBI hasn’t yet registered any case against the NDTV owner Pranav Roy.

If BJP has become so ignorant then what are the options and measures to awaken them? Why the general BJP worker is being killed and no strict action ensured by the central BJP government? Why don’t they come on the streets to fight for rape victims’ justice in left ruling states? Why social media and mainstream media is going freehand for antinational and antisocial narratives? Why does PM Modi talks UP CM on rape cases and keeps silent on the rape cases in left ruling states? Where are the BJP leaders busy when INC defends its workers and ensures favor even if they are antinational?

These are some pressing questions force a general BJP voter to think that how BJP and its top leadership are going ignorant on so many social and political issues. What do you think? Please comment.

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