Withdrawal of US troops is yet not completed and an impending signal in Afghanistan is visible. Everybody including the US establishment must have anticipated the lurking danger for the present Government of Afghanistan.

But President Biden is absolutely candid and right when he says, let Afgani Society decide their future course. A society that has promoted institutionalized ways of life and method of governance should be left to choose what they wish to be. To be fair, President Biden is not an artful diplomat, rather candid and straight forward in his assessment and comment unlike his predecessor Ex-President Trump. 

Taliban is certainly a choice of the vast majority of Afgani and Pakistani society. They have been trained in a certain eco system for decades to finally assume the role they are believed to uphold as a social norm. It is not uncommon in this part of land to talk and defend the deeds of Taliban and Jihad. Why the world gets surprised when they notice it. It is both so artificial and ignorance about the truth. Both Pakistan and Afghanis are sovereign society and reserve the right of their Social choice.

So what next? Taliban is set to storm Afghanistan. The fate of the present establishment and a section of the Kabul diaspora hangs with dangerous uncertainty. Either they would be killed or escape the country in time. The continued aggression of Taliban is set to sweep sooner than any one`s anticipation. Next Afghanistan will be branded as the land of invincibility as they successfully drove away two superpowers in the last few decades. The narrative will be set up by their sympathizer and perverted intellectuals sitting in cozy air conditioned recess far away in a safe and democratic land. There will be natural attraction among Taliban and radicalized elements Worldwide Who would travel to this place and support this dispensation. The ring of geography, the climate, the Afgani civil society will offer defense from any next adventure of the west.

The west will wait and engage through charitable donation and humanitarian support. Yet it would not bridge the gap between the two diametrically opposite thought processes.

First to fall victim of Afghanistan Taliban will be Pakistan itself. The Pashtun and Punjabis animosity is rooted in folklore. The breeding corruption and poverty in the local society is like ready gun powder. The future would be more stormy, bloody and vicious than remotest of imagination. Next this radical outreach and exclusivity about an assumed superiority will travel to the surrounding and far away.

China Uighur, Turk and Chechnya struggle shall get revived. Who knows the mentorship can expand to Rohingyas struggle far away as well. North Africa has many warring warlords and capable of causing any wretched level of destruction for the civilized world. And all along this turbulence, a section of intellectuals and scholars will support, conspire and defend these actions on the ground of humanitarian value, exclusivity, personal choice and individual freedom of expression. They would continue to promote an anarchist theocratic set up while themselves staying and enjoying the luxury of a democratic egalitarian society.

It will be then when the west would feel it wise and apt to make the next level of engagement. You can predict the course so easily given the past events. It would destroy everything.

Everything else will survive except Humanity. A child and women have no role in any conflict. But they will be among the worst to undergo suffering. 

Philosophy of Karma is as profound as Narrated in Bhagwat Gita by Lord Shri Krishna. Can you decouple the cause and effect in life? Only Wise and visionary can warn you against the pitfall ahead. But inevitable is written when Karma itself is compromised.

Good Luck to a warring Society.

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