Indians have gone through the worst phase during Mughal invasion. They exploited us economically, socially, converted many Hindus, robbed rich resources and earnings of every class of society, treated our women badly, and destroyed temples, our cultural heritage sites, holy books. People were highly demoralized that time; they had no vigor to retaliate the barbaric Mughals. Then in 17th century, a great leader, warrior was born who is still an inspiration to millions on this planet and will remain so… He was CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ who was child of great mother Jijamata and Shahaji Bhosale.

Jijamata had great influence on Shivaji Raje, she taught him Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita since childhood, developed to believe in culture and accompanied great saints during his growing period. Dadoji Konddev trained Raje in weapons especially Danpatta. He began the movement called “Hindavi Swarajya Abhiyan”.
What are the lessons we should learn from the life of great king and warrior? These lessons should be part of curriculum for students. Youngsters should get inspiration from great leaders and learn the various management and life skills that are essential for the growth in material, spiritual and in social life.

Lessons to be learnt;
Respect own Culture
Raje brought back Sanskrit and Marathi as the official language in his court. This demonstrates that how local languages are important to preserve our culture; it makes communication easier with every segment of society that helps to grow socially and economically.

Be alert and aware; develop a team with right knowledge and skills…

Battle of Pratapgad Fort: It was the first significant victory. The murky plot by Adil Shahi general Afzal Khan was given a befitting reply by Raje and his army. He was aware about the peace negotiation offered by Afzal Khan was mere an eyewash to kill him. Maharaj with his alertness, intelligence, effective leadership and guerrilla warfare tactics planned the events. He armed himself and put his army in dense forest and hilly areas of Pratapgad to block the escape route for enemy soldiers. One of the best qualities of a leader is to keep right person for right job at right time. Raje took Jiva Mahal with him knowing his skills and work before joining army. When Afzal Khan tried to kill Raje with dagger during their hug, vibrant Raje immediately acted with stabbing Afzal Khan using tiger claws. At the same time, when Sayyad Banda tried to attack Raje, Jiva Mahal responded quickly with Danpatta, killing Banda and saving life of Raje.

Confidence and courage are very important during adversities and troubles, believe in yourself, believe in God….

When Raje and his son were under house arrest in Agra for almost three months. Aurangzeb had a plan to weaken Raje mentally and physically and then kill them. However, even knowing the possible threat, Raje had high confidence in himself and God. He showed us the path of having balanced approach-keeping peace in mind when faced with adversities. Rather than getting bogged down and worrying about the situation, he planned and worked on how to escape. When the right time arrived, with his meticulously planned events, he and his son escaped through sweet baskets. When he returned to Raigad after almost six months, he was crowned. How life can change if we have patience, courage, confidence, strategy against odds, goal oriented approach, love for society and nation and commitment then god takes care of you.

Be innovative, Creative and think with open mind with big vision to overcome challenges…
Raje is known as father of Indian Navy. He was the one who realised the importance of Naval force. It was very difficult to fight a strong enemy army owing to adverse geographic conditions especially in Konkan region. He converted this threat into opportunity by building naval force and forts along coastline that helped him to win over strong army of Mughals. The intellect with balanced mindset with bigger vision will always be innovative, creative to achieve the ultimate goal.

Respect Women

He opposed all kinds of violence, harassment and dishonour against women. He used to punish anyone who used to disrespect women and in few cases, punishment used to be very severe.
Since childhood, Jijamata taught him about bravery of goddesses and how Sanatan Dharma values women.

To win over “Adharma” one needs to be diplomatic….

It was a difficult job for Shivaji to defeat Mughals in direct war. Mughals had much superior army, arm, and ammunition. He had to fight on several fronts at a time with Mughalshahi. Jijamata taught him Gita since childhood. Bhagwan Krishna with his diplomatic tactics defeated Adharmi Kauravas. Acharya Chanakya made a poor boy, Chandragupta Maurya, King of Magadh Empire to defeat Adharma
Just think, what would have happened with this great country if Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj would have been defeated by Mughals? Diplomatic moves are sometimes necessary to defeat enemy with erroneous intents towards society and nation. So, Chhatrapati Shivaji Majaraj used Guerrilla tactics (Ganimi Kava) were in contour with dharma to win over adharma.

Nation and Dharma (Righteous path to uphold values) first, self-last
At the age of 15, when everyone believes in enjoying life, Raje Shivaji started his fight against Mughal invasion to bring back glory to our nation and free society from Mughal injustice and agony. Until his last breath, Raje thought and worked for the welfare of society and dharma.

When one is on the path of success, be humble and grounded…

Raje had love and belongingness towards each section of society. He never discriminated anyone rich or poor, white or black or belonging to any particular caste. He treated everyone equally, he used to visit poor families and whatever is offered in food, he used to enjoy with them.
It’s time to teach our youngsters and future generations to inculcate these values in their life….

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