A horny 57-year-old Muslim cleric in Muzaffarnagar district died after he was castrated by his wife. The Islamic cleric was planning to get married for the third time and this did not sit well with one of his existing wives.

The accused named Hazra, is his second wife and according to reports, she has been arrested. The second wife seems traumatized by her insatiable, horny husband. The second wife told investigators that she pounced upon him with a sharp-edged kitchen knife while he was asleep. She said that she castrated him and then he bled to death.

Hazra, the local cleric Wakeel Ahmed’s second wife, had earlier pleaded with him not to marry for a third time, but the old man had made up his mind and was relentless. He was ready to take on a third bride and things did not turn out well for him at all.

The incident occurred in Shikarpur village on Friday night and Hazra was arrested on Saturday. It was reported that his first wife was not at home at the time of the incident.

A team of cops from Bhora Kalan police station reached their house and Maulana Wakeel Ahmed’s body was sent for post mortem. Deputy SP of Phugana, Sharad Chand Sharma, said, “The woman has confessed to her crime. Her husband wished to marry yet again and she wanted to prevent him. Their argument turned into a major scuffle.”

Bhora Kalan SHO Jitender Singh said she has been booked under section 302 (murder) of the IPC and sent to prison. Further investigations are underway.

Save Muslim Sisters from Barbaric Islamic practices

Polygamy is a rampant disease in society and should be outlawed by the government. Numerous Muslim women have suffered for way to long first due to triple talaq, and more and more inhumane practices such as halala, sharing bed with other male members of the family, incest, forced cousin marriages, etc., are in the news daily. Women should be able to live in dignity. They are equal citizens in a democratic nation so why are they still suffering?

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