Saw your video about the death of StanSwamy where you have insinuated that he did not receive good medical care .

That man was arrested for taking money from Anti-Indian Foreign agents. He was directly involved in many Naxalite killings in which many Indian Police Officers died. he was arrested based on evidence collected against him. he was as much an indigenous rights activist as Osama Bin Laden was an indigenous rights activist. The only indigenous in the world are the ones who were massacred, killed, and forcefully converted by your cult. That happened in India as well. Millions were burnt on crosses, breasts cut off and forced to convert.

You throwing your weights after him , because he was Christian is sickening but expected . What message are you sending that a man cannot be tried for a crime because he is Christian? Next what a man cannot be tried for raping, molesting children because he is a Christian. Oh, wait. My apologies, that is the NORM of this paedophile cult based on riches looted from natives who were forced to convert or ethically cleansed.

Don’t worry, the agendas of the church are being followed to the hilt in India as well.People are being brainwashed, bribed to convert, children are being molested , raped , nuns being raped and anyone daring to speak out is being silenced.

Not so long back a daring nun dared to speak up about her repeated rape by a Priest, she and other nuns who supported her were kicked out of the church (one of the many that you all have) .


Everyday there is news of Father raping , molesting children , nuns in INdia (keeping with the global protocol ) . Ever bothered to highlight that? A sister who DARED to speak up against the rapist Bishop was harassed by expelled from the church . The head of Paedophile cult, Vatican approved the expulsion of Sister Lucy . Aha . Jesus must be so proud and happy . No need to come back anytime soon, my progenies are taking good care of planet Earth.

Carry on.

But but met me , on behalf of ALL INDIANS make one thing VERY clear . We don’t gove an eff about your stupid posts, opinion pieces. We have a legal process and ANYONE doing ANY crime in India will be taken to court and punished. No one is above the law. Your religion , caste , class makes no difference in India.


Looks like you Christians have taken lack of persecution in paedophilia as a norm to not be made accountable for ANY crime. India is not the Vatican or a country that was stolen by Christians from Natives. We are a democracy and anyone violating NAY laws will be tried and punished.

So go back to serving your Paedophile enabling masters, forcibly converting people (while caring two hoots about Christians starving ). That seems to be your area of expertise.

We Indians are not going to take this BS anymore. If an out on bail 84 year old man died of Corona even after receiving the best of medical care, there is NOTHING sinister about it. The only thing sinister is your protection of paedophilia, brushing it under the carpet , refusing to make arrests and punish those guilty OR apologize for MASS genocide caused by your cult. Keep ranting , makes NO difference to Indians .

Keep digging, who knows you might find more mas graves of natives.

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