A horrific incident, unreported by the mainstream media, of a Hindu family living in terror and attacked by a Muslim mob for complaining against sexual harassment of minor Hindu girl in Muslim majority Hindpiri area in the heart of Jharkhand’s state capital, Ranchi has come to light.

On 29th May, the said Hindu family living in Muslim majority Hindpiri area of Ranchi was attacked in broad daylight by mob of more than 150 frenzied Muslims who surrounded their house and barged in attacking everyone, not sparing even the elderly grandmother of the young minor girl. The father of the girl sustained a hand fracture, broken tooth, her brother was also seriously injured and her old grandmother too was beaten up and suffers from injuries due to the attack. Following is the viral video of the attack on the family by Muslim mob.

Local news outlet, Public News Ranchi reported the incident. The report also states that the Hindu family’s house was completely vandalized and their car was destroyed by the Muslim mob. It reports that a delegation of Hindu Jagran Manch along with their State Vice President, Mr Sujit Singh and Ranchi’s General Secretary Mr Nishant Yadav met the victim family. Sujit Singh condemned the incident and demanded the administration to take strict against the culprits and the family be provided adequate security. He also said that the Hindu community has been increasingly facing targeted attacks by Islamist Muslim mobs with impunity without paying any price.

When Kreately media contacted the victim Hindu family, the father of the minor 14 year old girl informed that they have been facing death threats and intimidation to kidnap the young girl since her father lodged a complaint at the Hindpiri police station in December last year against Mukhtar’s son Aman, for sexually harassing, stalking and eve teasing the minor girl on her way to school and other places on a daily basis. She was harassed so badly, that she stopped going out of the house for the fear of getting kidnapped and raped.

Her father and brother were being constantly harassed and threatened since they filed the police complaint to withdraw their complaint. On May 29th a Muslim mob along with Mukhtar and his two sons congregated and attacked the family to teach them a lesson for not compromising and withdrawing the police complaint.

Pertinently, the Muslim men accused of sexually harassing the young minor girl were arrested last year and soon out on bail. They are roaming around freely further harassing and threatening the girl and the family with impunity.

The victim family called up the police on May 29th as they were being attacked by the mob, the police did not arrive on time to save them. They very perfunctorily lodged their complaint later against Mukhtar and his two sons, took in custody few men and released them later. The Ranchi police and the administration is completely apathetic and did not even provide bare minimum security to the young minor girl and her family harassed and terrorized by the local Muslim goons.

The family says that the young minor girl is in severe depression and is even talking of committing suicide over the matter. The young girl was earlier studying in Loreto Convent but had to shift to another school near her home due to the constant sexual harassment and intimidation.

The Hindu family is so terrorized that they live in constant fear of being killed, their daughter being kidnapped and raped. They are desperately seeking police protection and severe punishment for the Muslim mob which attacked them and constantly harass them. The family is so distraught that despite being the victims, false cases have been slapped on them by the Muslims audaciously with the aid of the local administration.

Notably, Hindpiri is 95% Muslim majority area and the Hindus there are constantly harassed and hounded to make them flee from their ancestral homes. Surprisingly, this atrocity is happening right under the nose of the Police Headquarters of Ranchi barely 2 kilometres away.

No human rights activists, feminists, legal activists, political parties nor even the mainstream media has reached out to the victims as they are Hindus at the receiving end of Islamist jihadi terror who prey upon Kafir’s daughters as a matter of right.

Kreately media has promised to follow the story and provide all assistance it can to the unfortunate Hindu family to get justice and protection from the authorities. Watch this space for further updates on this matter.

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