51 Days Yoga Consciousness Series 2nd May-21st June 2021

Knowledge of Yoga is infinite, boundless and timeless. ‚ÄúLearning Yoga is an everlasting journey that leads you within and Within is where you find the world of immortal bliss‚ÄĚ. ‚ÄďMitraasha

Namaste All My Yoga Yaatris! May Yog Bless You!

The idea behind running this 51 Days Yoga Consciousness series is to proffer my modest learnings and share the divine pearls of Yoga science with people at large. Let’s have a conjoint intent to learn, implement and extend the wisdom of Yoga with a positive co-action and harmonious reverberation amongst each other.

Asana For the torsion Of The Spine-ardha matsyendra

Ardha Matsyendrasana‚ÄĒThe Spinal Half-twist Posture

Here, Ardha means half, Matsyendra means king of the fish in which Matsya is fish and Indra is the ruler. This asana is named after the inordinate sage Matsyendranatha, the guru of Gorakhnath, who is said to be the originator and propagator of the Hatha Yoga tradition.

Practising this asana gives an exceptional lateral twist to the entire length of the spine in both the directions. Varied movements of this asana tones the ligaments and spinal nerves, improves digestion and makes the body ready for advanced yogic postures.

Limitations / Contraindications

  • People with hypertension, serious cardiac ailments, frozen shoulders, cervical issues, hernia, pregnancy, peptic ulcers, back problems and spinal injuries should avoid doing this asana. 

How to practice?

  • Sit erect on your mat with both your legs completely stretched out in front of you in D√§ndasana, hands placed on the respective knees or sides on the mat and maintain a steady posture.
  • Bend your right leg at the knee, gently take it across your left thigh and place it on the floor in a way that the right foot is close to the outside of the left thigh and the right knee is holding close to your chest.
  • Next bend the left leg at the knee, bringing the foot inwards to place it near or touching your right hip and knees firmly placed on the ground. Both palms are placed on top of the knee which is up.
  • Now laterally twist the torso on the right side and with your left hand try to hold your right ankle or toe in such a way that your right knee remains under your left armpit. Inhale at this place. 
  • And now with an exhalation in 3 seconds, twisting your spine a little more, place your right hand either on the floor behind the right hip palms facing downwards or take it across and place on your back with the palm facing outwards. 
  • At the same time, turn your head and neck towards your right shoulder.
  • This is the final position, stay here with your breath suspended for six seconds.
  • To release the posture with an inhalation in 3 seconds, first untwist your torso, straighten your head and neck, bring back your hands to the starting position while relaxing and straightening the legs as well.
  • To complete one full round now repeat the same steps as mentioned above, starting with the opposite leg this time.

Note: For those who are not comfortable initially to retain or suspend the breath as suggested, may do the entire flow of asana with normal breathing.

  • Also this asana can be performed in a static way too, where one can stay in the final position for a minute or two, alternatively on each side, while breathing normally.


The lateral twisting of the spine gives it an excellent stretch, increasing its elasticity and suppleness, correcting curvature of the spine and alleviates the spinal nerve pain caused due to faulty postural habits.

The suspension of breath while in the twisted posture enhances the venous blood flow to the abdominal region, opens the chest and boosts the oxygen supply to the lungs.

It invigorates the stimulation of spleen, kidneys, lungs, heart and liver.

It tones and strengthens abs, obliques and abdominal muscles. 

It opens the shoulders, neck and hips and extends pliancy to the hip region. 

The core muscles get toned and the internal organs get good cleansing and massage.

It aids in curing and managing cases of diabetes, lumbago, muscular rheumatism, colitis, dyspepsia, cervical spondylitis, constipation, digestive issues and respiratory issues like asthma.

Thought of the day: “Life has many twists and turns and sometimes what looks like a very bad day can be just clearing the way for good things to come.”  -J Kim Wright

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