While we crazily and rightly protect our Avataras , like Sri Ram and Sri Krishna , how come we allowed the deletion of the great Hindu pushback against the Islamic invasion of our subcontinent ?

Are the contributions of the Mewar Maharanas , Assamese Kings , Vijaynagar Kingdoms , Sikh Gurus , Marathas kings any less than those of our Avataras ?

If Sri Ram was about establishing the principles of Maryaada , Sri Krishna about Karmayoga , were the principles of supreme valour to protect our independence and Hindu Dharma any lesser principles ?

Why shouldn’t we see Maharana Pratap , Shivaji Maharaj and Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj as Avataras who descended on earth to teach us the value of fearlessness in face of extreme suffering !

Is there anything more pious , more beautiful and more worthy that to die defending your women , land and Dharma ?

The day Hindu Samaaj realises the worth of our glorious fighters who picked up sword to fight the Islamic marauders , that day we will rise as a race and a nation .

The day Hindu Samaaj frees itself of the scourge of Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb and roars to itself and the world that the only principle worth living for and dying for us Satya Sanatana Hindu Dharma , our woes will end .

The day we proclaim to the world that we Hindus never , ever attacked anyone for grabbing their women , wealth or land , but we also didn’t yield an inch to the robbers to came to our land to rob us , we will be free .

And that can only happen if we revere our warriors as Avataras , who descended on this stinking earth to show the value of honour and freedom and to forsake everything to protect these values .

Pratap , Shivaji Maharaj and Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj were no mortals .

They showed us that this body of flesh and bones is going to perish anyway . What can not die is the spirit of love .

Love for your women . Love for your children and love for your Dharma .

They were Devas who had visited us to show us a glimpse of a world of love , dignity and utter freedom .

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