Many of you would have seen the Republic TV’s video clip of Arnab Goswami asking for help, wailing from a police van. You would have seen earlier clips of his unlawful arrest as well. In the recent video clip, Arnab Goswami was shouting from the police van that Maharashtra Government can potentially get him killed in jail. Republic TV, through the sting operation, has reported the same conspiracy earlier as well. So the question arises, can Maharashtra Government really get Aranab killed in jail? Well, the chances are quite possible that the fascist leaders of the Maharashtra Government may get to that extent. 

It all started when Arnab Goswami has asked questions on the alleged suicide of Bollywood actor Shushant Singh and Palghar Sadhu lynchings. When the investigations on SSR and Palghar lynching began, the jihadi cabal of Bollywood, the Maharashtra Government, and the local police started getting caught into so many questions about their alleged involvement. The nexus of druggies, media, Bollywood, police, and the government started getting exposed.

This has disturbed the whole ecosystem of mafias operating in Maharashtra for ages. They have united against the Republic Media group and Arnab Goswami. First, they have tried to catch him in the fake TRP scam case, and then they have reopened an already concluded case to get him. They have arrested a few others too, who dared to crack a joke on social media about Maharashtra Government. They have bulldozed the house of Kangana Ranaut because she has asked questions about the alleged involvement of Bollywood mafias in the suicide case of Shushant.

Mumbai is known for its nineties’ jihadi terror bombings, Bollywood murders, and crimes that allegedly helped the state government of that time to remain in power. The same people of the nineties criminal cabal are now in collision with Maharashtra’s present fascist government. When Pakistan could not officially execute the alleged Indian spy Sarabjit Singh, they have got him killed by his fellow jail inmates. As often said that Mumbai is still under very much influence of Pakistan’s Karachi based terrorists and jihadi mafias, the level of intolerance, frustration, and criminal involvement suggest that Maharashtra Government can repeat a Sarabjit in India.

Therefore, the central government, the media groups, and human rights activists must be on extra high alert to save a great Indian journalist. Some BJP MPs and leaders are showing concerns on social media. Kapil Mishra, a BJP leader, is on Satyagrah for the release of Arnab Goswami. Others are also joining the mission to free Arnab Goswami. As an individual, we must keep the central government awake and social media abuzz about the atrocities on Arnab Goswami. Let us pray for the ‘Sadbuddhi’ of the Maharashtra Government as well to realize that pride and power can not sustain forever. They should concede to justice.

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